2023 Wodapalooza Guide: Livestream, Athletes Competing, Cuts, Prize Purse, Who Might Win

Wodapalooza takes place in Miami on 12-15 January.

This is the unofficial kick-off of the CrossFit season. The 2023 Wodapalooza begins Thursday and finishes on Sunday with elite individuals and teams competing being part of the “must watch” of this weekend.

We have separated a full guide for your Wodaplooza 2023, including a full list of the elite athletes competing, the teams, who has a good chance at taking the win home and the newly added cut that both elite and team divisions will face before the end of the tournament.

2023 Wodapalooza Livestream

The following days have been uploaded on Live and Loud YouTube official channel.

Day 1 – Individual

Day 2 – Individual

Day 3 – Teams

Day 4 – Teams

2023 Wodapalooza Roster

Elite Individual Men:

  1. Agustin Richelme
  2. Alexandre Caron
  3. Aniol Ekai
  4. Arthur Semenov
  5. Benjamin Gutierrez
  6. Brent Fikowski
  7. Cam Crockett
  8. Casper Gammelmark
  9. Cole Greashaber
  10. Dallin Pepper
  11. Damián Martínez Satorres
  12. Fabian Beneito Selles
  13. Fernando Llaneza
  14. Guillaume Briant 
  15. Guilherme Malheiros
  16. Henrik Haapalainen
  17. Jack Rozema
  18. John Wood
  19. Jonne Koski
  20. Kaique Cerveny
  21. Kealan Henry
  22. Lago Guiraldes
  23. Leonel Franco
  24. Lukas Ozaki
  25. Lukas Grouleff
  26. Luke Parker
  27. Matt Poulin
  28. Nate Ackermann
  29. Nick Mathew
  30. Patrick Vellner
  31. Peter Mason
  32. Phillip Muscarella
  33. Ray Romanick
  34. Ricky Garard
  35. Roman Khrennikov
  36. Samuel Paquin
  37. Tiago Luzes
  38. Travon Benton
  39. Tudor Magda

Elite Individual Women: 

  1. Aimee Cringle
  2. Alexia Williams
  3. Andrea Nisler
  4. Becca Merritt
  5. Brittany Weiss
  6. Cece Cronin
  7. Cecilia Ramirez Villamil 
  8. Chloe Carano
  9. Constanza Cabrera
  10. Dani Speegle
  11. Elena Carratalá Sanahuja
  12. Elisa Fuliano
  13. Elizabeth Wishart
  14. Ella Kanona Wunger
  15. Emily Rolfe
  16. Emma Tall
  17. Emma Cary
  18. Fernanda Dotto
  19. Freya Moosbrugger
  20. Gracie Strachan
  21. Hanna Karlsson
  22. Julia Kato
  23. Katelin Van Zyl
  24. Lexi Neely
  25. Lucia Viretti
  26. Madeline Helms
  27. Mirakim Couvrette
  28. Nicole Burke
  29. Oihana Moya Oliver
  30. Olivia Kerstetter
  31. Paige Semenza
  32. Paige Powers
  33. Rebecca Fuselier 
  34. Sara Sigmundsdottir
  35. Sydney Michalyshen
  36. Sydney Wells
  37. Valentina Magalotti
  38. Victoria Campos

Wodapalooza Introduces Cuts

For the first time, Wodapalooza is introducing cuts for all elite individuals and elite teams. This will take place after event 5, the workout before the last one.

The competition floor will be cut to:

  • Top 20 in the individual elite division
  • Top 10 in the individual team division

2023 Wodapalooza Prize Purse

The prize purse changed from last year to this. Individuals will receive less money while teams got an increase in their payout.

The total prize purse is $500,000. Here is how it is divided:

Elite Individual Prize Money

1st: $75,000 (last year it was $100,000)

2nd: $35,000

3rd: $25,000

4th: $10,000

5th: $7,500

6th: $5,000

7th: $4,000

8th: $3,000

9th: $2,000

10th: $1,000

Elite Team of 3 Prize Money

1st: $30,000

2nd: $15,000

3rd: $10,000

4th: $7,500

5th: $3,500

Masters and Adaptive

Master athletes’ who finish on the top of the podium will receive double what last year’s payout was. From $1,000 to $2,000. Adaptive RX athletes who win will also be granted $2,000.

Click here for more info on the prize purse this year.

Who Might Win 2023 Wodapalooza

Elite Individual Men

The field is full of top-level athletes who finished 2022 strong. Our top 3 picks for standing on the podium at the end of the day are:

  • Roman Khrennikov
Roman Khrennikov

He made a name for himself outside of Asia and finally got his chance to compete face-to-face in the United States at the 2022 CrossFit Games and lived up to the expectations by placing 2nd behind Justin Medeiros.

  • Pat Vellner

The Canadian powerhouse is the reigning champion of Wodapalooza. Besides being the 6th Fittest Man on Earth, he finished shy of the podium at the Rogue Invitational last year. Don’t underestimate his will to pull through in Miami.

  • Ricky Garard

The comeback kid is still hungry for more. After 4 years banned from CrossFit, he showed he still can be considered a name amongst the fittest and finished 3rd at the Games last year. He decided not to compete at the Dubai Fitness Championship to “take care of the body.” Probably he is recovered now and can tackle the workouts at full speed.

Elite Individual Women

Several athletes who finished in the top 10 at the CrossFit Games will not be competing at the 2023 Wodapalooza. That is not to say we won’t see a test of fitness by some amazing contenders. Here are our top picks to be on the podium:

  • Emma Cary
Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

She’s young and fierce. Her name is usually put up against Mal O’Brien as they both had an astronomical ascension in the Sport. Last year her CrossFit season was cut short due to a back injury. The 2023 Wodapalooza will be her first chance to show her body can take any workout thrown at her.

  • Dani Speegle

When it comes to strength in the women’s division, Dani Speegle is someone most people look up to. A stellar performance at the CrossFit Games and with strength events programmed for the individual side at Wodapalooza, this could be the year she finishes on the podium in Miami.

  • Emily Rolfe

Another strong athlete that could have done better at the CrossFit Games if it wasn’t for a blood clot that nearly ended her career. Four months after surgery, at the Dubai Fitness Championship, she finished 3rd. Rolfe is tough and will be looking to make another statement, this time in Miami at the 2023 Wodapalooza.

Elite Team: Men

The team’s division is one to look out for this year with athletes being able to compete in both individual and team categories due to the new two-day format. Here are the teams in the men’s division that could be making a splash:

  • The Boyz – Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer, Chandler Smith
  • Canadian PB&J – Pat Vellner, Brent Fikowski, Jeffrey Adler
  • CrossFit Mayhem – Rich Froning, Sam Cournoyer, Tyler Christophel
Noah Ohlsen

Elite Team: Women

In the women’s category, we will be seeing a lot of familiar faces competing side by side, including retired Kari Pearce. Here are the teams we believe have the best chance to be on the podium at the end of the week:

  • The Dottirs ft MOB – Katrin Davidsdottir, Annie Thorisdottir, Mal O’Brien
  • All American Girls – Brooke Wells, Amanda Barnhart, Kristi Eramo O’Connell
  • Team BPN – Laura Horvath, Jamie Simmonds, Gabriela Migala
2023 wodapaloozaSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Who are you cheering for during this 2023 Wodapalooza?

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