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25 AMRAP Workouts for CrossFit Athletes and 5 Top Tips to Crush them All!

“Have confidence. The more we second guess ourselves, the more we will set ourselves up for mediocrity. You don’t need to be overly cocky but having some confidence is going to be crucial when attacking something you don’t feel super comfortable with. Even if you don’t have the confidence yet, FAKE IT. You may not have the confidence in yourself with the specific movement or with the time domain of the workout, but you can have confidence in your ability to learn and improve.

Once you start telling yourself things like ‘oh I will never be able to do that’ or ‘I am too heavy for gymnastic type workouts’ you’ve limited yourself. And you are right, once you get those things in your head you won’t be able to progress. Eliminate that self limiting talk and replace it with confidence. Have confidence in your athletic ability to learn, adapt and progress. It may not be that day that you master the task at hand but have the confidence to give yourself the opportunity to improve and grow as an athlete.”

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