3 Unusual Stretches for Better Flexibility

Increase your mobility with only three movements.

Mobility is important not only for people who want to become better athletes, but for everybody. Check out 3 unusual stretches for better flexibility below.

There is a sweet spot a lot of people want to achieve which is to be flexible and strong. If you want to get stronger, click here. But you probably reached this page because you’re looking to be more flexible. Here is where Liv Townsend comes in.

Liv Townsend is known online as Livinleggins. She is a self-taught yoga teacher that has accumulated a big following. She posts daily tips on her Instagram account about stretching, yoga and mobility. You can also check out her YouTube channel here.

Townsend decided to share the top 3 unusual stretches for better flexibility and, according to her, everything else in terms of stretching is not really necessary if do this. Check it out.

VIDEO – Unusual Stretches for Better Flexibility

If you want to see how to perform each of these unusual stretches for better flexibility, check out the video below.

To understand more about why these movements are great for better mobility, continue reading.

Unusual Stretches for Better Flexibility

Townsend explains that the benefits of the first stretch carry on to the next two and it tackles many muscles at once, which is great if you are short on time.

The first stretch is commonly referred to as reverse tabletop, where you try to flatten the front of your hips by engaging your glutes and pressing your chest up towards the sky. If can also step one foot backwards and tap the knee to the floor or as close as possible. Hold it for 20-30 seconds and take a pause if you need to before changing to the next side.

This stretch can feel uncomfortable, but it stretches also the sole of your feet, which is a game changer. Townsend says this stretch improves blood flow, maintains foot arches, improves balance stability, and loosens up the fascia in your body.

The second stretch targets the back of the body. Grab something that you can hold in your hip crease as you come down into a deep squat. From there, press your hands on the floor and lift up your hips up. You don’t need to straighten up your leg to get the benefits. Do it for around 60 seconds between the squat at the hip-up position.

Lastly, in the unusual stretches for better flexibility list, we will target the inner thighs, lats, and triceps, which will greatly improve your shoulder mobility.

On your knees, lunge towards a side leg and drive the knee out and wide. Reach your arm up and over, bend it to cradle the back of your head and look up to the sky. Do 30 seconds on each side.

And that is all regarding these unusual stretches for better flexibility. Are you going to try them?

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