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5 Ways that CrossFit Changes your Mentality and Self-Esteem


One of the first things you learn at your local Crossfit-Box is that the expression “I can’t do that anymore” doesn’t exist.

cara sigmundsdottir crossfit athlete overhead walking lungeSource: RX'd Photography
We all start as rookies, even the top pros

When you observe a common WOD, you will see people spurring each other on to push themselves through the next few minutes of a gruesome Workout. The community encourages you to try harder and not give up. Within the first minute of my very first Crossfit WOD I knew I would finish any workout no matter how long it would take or how much it would hurt – just because I had seen how hard the others had slogged away.

You will establish routines of thinking “Oh, I can do one more rep of those [insert most hated excerise here]”. After a while, you will be able to transfer this resilience onto other aspects in life, always remembering that you can take on everything after you completed a total Murph-Workout!

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