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Age Group Online Qualifier: Who Has Qualified for The CrossFit Games

The top 20 athletes from each age division will advance to the CrossFit Games.

Age Group Online Qualifier – The Teens

The top three girls (16-17 years) are unsurprisingly Mallory O’Brien, Emma Lawson and Olivia Sulek. All these athletes made an impact in the Open and continued their impressive form in the Individual Quarterfinals and qualified for the Semifinals.

Age Group Online Qualifier - Mallory O'BrienSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
Mallory O’Brien

Mallory O’Brien finished the Individual Quarterfinals in 3rd place, Emma Lawson in 24th and Olivia Sulek in 30th in North America. They all qualified for the Semifinals, but guarantee themselves a place in the CrossFit Games by also competing in the teenage division.

Emma Cary, another teenager who impressed during the Open and finished 4th in North America told BOXROX she would not be competing in the Age Group Online Qualifier and will try to get a place in the CrossFit Games as an Elite athlete.

Age Group Online Qualifier - Emma Cary
Emma Cary

Master Athletes to Keep An Eye On

For the teens, the Age Group Online Qualifier is a stepping stone for them to hopefully become the next Fittest on Earth. The masters’ divisions, on the other hand, puts past champions head-to-head.

Here are some athletes to keep an eye on during this year’s CrossFit Games in their age divisions highlighted by CrossFit Inc.

Lynne Knapman is an Australian athlete at the age of 61. She finished 4th in her age division and will compete in her 11th consecutive Games. She is the only master athlete to compete in every CrossFit Games masters competition.

Lynne Knapman

Right ahead of Lynne Knapman is Canadian powerhouse Susan Clarke. The 62-year-old athlete finished first in her age division and will try to be the first masters athlete to win 5 championships. So far, every time she competed, she has won.

Ron Ortiz finished 1st in the 55-59 division, and Will Powell finished 2nd in the 60-64 category. They both will try to become the first masters athlete to win a championship in three different age group divisions.

Besides them, other athletes in the masters’ divisions to keep an eye out for who qualified for the CrossFit Games include: Samantha Briggs (2013 CrossFit Games champion), Alessandra Pichelli (7 times Games Individual), Dan Bailey (5 times Games Individual), Kyle Kasperbauer (4 times Games Individual), Rebecca Voigt Miller (10 times Games Individual), Karen McCadam (5 times Games Master), Kristi Lunny (4 times Games Master), Laurie Meschishnick (7 times Games Master), and David Hippensteel (7 times Games Master).

Age Group Online Qualifier - David HippensteelSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
David Hippensteel

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