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Anime Exercises Ranked and Performed in Real Life (Easy to Impossible)

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Check out these anime exercises ranked and performed in real life by a calisthenics expert.

Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and has become popular worldwide. It encompasses a wide range of animated works, including TV series, films, and web series, characterized by colorful artwork, fantastical themes, and diverse genres catering to various audiences. It often features distinct Japanese cultural elements and artistic styles, but it has a global fanbase, with fans of all ages and backgrounds enjoying its unique storytelling and visual aesthetics.

Some of those unique visual aesthetics is, of course, how incredible feats are performed by characters. But how hard is it? Well, in some cases they are simply impossible.

In a video, Alex Lorenz explores the difficulty of performing anime-inspired exercises in real life. He presents 15 moves from popular animes and mangas and ranks them from easy to impossible. Alex also offers guidance on how to practice and achieve these moves independently.

Alex Lorenz is the co-founder of Calisthenic Movement and has trained Calisthenics since 2012, uploading videos regularly for those people interested in getting in shape using only their body weight.

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Anime Exercises Ranked and Performed in Real Life (Easy to Impossible)

You can watch the video below to see how each exercise is performed and what they entail, or read more about them under the video.

Starting with the easy exercises, the first one mentioned is squats. Squats are described as a natural and comprehensive movement for the human body. Alex emphasizes that squats primarily engage the lower body but also require upper body muscles for spinal stability. Mobility and flexibility are also highlighted as important aspects of squatting.

The next easy exercise discussed is sit-ups. While sit-ups are considered a classic exercise, Alex cautions against using momentum and recommends minimizing neck involvement to avoid straining the hip flexors. For core training, he suggests focusing on various crunch variations.

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Moving up to the medium category, Alex introduces push-ups. Push-ups are praised as a stable and effective workout routine that targets multiple muscle groups, including the chest, triceps, shoulders, and core. He recommends starting with modified versions for those who cannot perform regular push-ups yet.

In the hard category, Alex introduces clapping push-ups. These are characterized by explosive strength and require a strong foundation in regular push-ups. Proper joint control is emphasized to avoid injuries, and hand release push-ups are recommended for improving explosive strength.

The one-arm push-up is presented as another hard exercise. This challenging move demands an increased level of core strength and stability compared to regular push-ups. Alex advises practicing easier progressions like Archer push-ups or incline one-arm push-ups if unable to perform one-arm push-ups.

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The legless rope climb is introduced in the very hard category. This exercise involves momentarily holding one’s body weight with a single arm while climbing a rope. Alex emphasizes that the difficulty increases when performed with straight legs and an L hang. Progressions are suggested to build the required strength and mobility.

Handstand push-ups are classified as very hard exercises. Performing handstand push-ups without wall support demands significant shoulder strength and hand balancing skills. Alex recommends working on basic handstand balancing skills and strengthening exercises like pipe push-ups to prepare for this move.

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Handstand push-up

Weighted push-ups are also in the very hard category. These push-ups involve adding weight, such as a weighted vest or another person, which significantly increases the challenge. Alex suggests starting with a weight vest or easier partner push-up variations to build the required strength.

The one-arm pull-up, another very hard exercise, is discussed next. This move demands an immense amount of relative strength as it involves pulling one’s entire body weight with one arm. Alex recommends mastering regular pull-ups first and progressing through exercises like typewriter pull-ups or Ultra Pull-Ups.

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The next exercise, the bend on planche to L-sit, is presented as an extremely challenging move. This exercise requires core strength, lower body mobility, and balance. Progressions are recommended, starting with parallettes at a comfortable height.

Alex introduces the Baki pose and the Baki pose with crossed legs, classifying them as hard exercises. These poses involve specific wrist stability, shoulder strength, balance, and mobility requirements. Starting with easier progressions and working on wrist stability is advised.

The impossible category features one-arm handstand push-ups and one-finger handstand push-ups. Alex acknowledges that clean, free one-arm handstand push-ups are rare and controversial. These moves demand exceptional strength and balancing skills. He suggests starting with progressions and working on handstand skills.

Finally, the third practice of Guts and Sorrow, known as the Dragon Slayer, is mentioned. This exercise involves handling a massive sword with an estimated weight of about 300 pounds, making it an incredibly challenging feat.

The last impossible exercise discussed is Yujiro Hanma’s swim practice, which is portrayed as an extraordinary achievement. Yujiro swims at an estimated speed of 20 kilometers per hour for an entire hour, surpassing the capabilities of any real-world swimmer.

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