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BREAKING: CrossFit HQ Announces There Will Be No Age Groups at the 2020 CrossFit Games

CrossFit HQ has announced the 2020 competitive season for Master and Teen athletes is now over.

Now that the video review process for the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) – the qualifying path to the CrossFit Games for Master and Teen athletes – has been finalised, CrossFit has marked it as the end of the season for Age Group athletes.

“This year, there will not be an in-person competition to crown the fittest in the CrossFit Games Age Groups. Prize money will not be issued. The age group competition will resume when the season resets in 2021,” CrossFit said.

Controversy filled the Age Group Online Qualifier, as some qualified athletes were unable to take part as gyms and Boxes were forced to close and lockdown measures were put in place around the world.

CrossFit made the decision not to delay or reschedule the competition “in the interest of hosting age group athletes at the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison.”

CrossFit provided a table comparing participation in the AGOQ in 2020 and 2019, you can find it below.

Participation was defined as having submitted workouts for all events.

Division All Events Complete in 2020 All Events Complete in 2019
Men (35-39) 134 142
Women (35-39) 134 154
Men (40-44) 117 164
Women (40-44) 135 159
Men (45-49) 132 145
Women (45-49) 114 121
Men (50-54) 129 140
Women (50-54) 107 83
Men (55-59) 120 153
Women (55-59) 123 148
Men (60+) 113 155
Women (60+) 102 131
Boys (16-17) 123 152
Girls (16-17) 116 115
Boys (14-15) 115 153
Girls (14-15) 119 92

“While there was a slight decrease in score submissions this year, the emerging global situation made it clear that extending the score submission window or delaying the competition would not improve athletes’ ability to participate,” CrossFit stated.

The 2020 Age Group Online Qualifier leaderboard is now official, you can find all divisions here.

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