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Challenging Abs Workouts to take your Core Strength to the Next Level

Your core is the interconnected system of muscles that make up the trunk of your torso and abs workouts are a great way to train your midsection. Working together, these muscles help to stabilise your spine, control the force that your body creates and act as a foundation for all functional movements and good posture.

Abs workouts are a great way to develop and strengthen your core. Top athletes such as Sara Sigmundsdottir train extensively to develop a powerful and functional core. Make sure you dedicate time to building yours. Optimise your health, performance and body with these workouts and the right equipment.

A strong core is a vital necessity for long term health. Think about almost every movement you make, from everyday tasks such as unloading a barbell to carrying shopping, your core will help you to control and support the necessary movements.

A weak core can and does lead to poor posture and an increased chance of injury. From Cross training to swimming, hill walking to skiing, any activity will be made easier with good core strength.

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These abs workouts will also tone and strengthen the midline of your body. Remember that without an intelligent nutrition plan, you will never see the results of your hard work. 


  • The Rectus Abdominis stretches from your sternum down to your pelvic bone. They pull your upper torso towards your hips.
  • Your Obliques are located either side of your waist. They are essential for you to be able to tilt and twist your upper body.
  • Intercostals are located to the side of your rib cage. They function to elevate and depress the ribs.
  • The Serratus is located between your abs and lats. Its function is to pull the scapula forward.

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Building core strength brings balance between the musculature of both the front and back of your body.

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Core strength is important not only for those abs but it provides support for your spine, lower back and supports better balance. Your core is designed to prevent the spine from going too far into extension. It also helps to prevent injuries and protects the inner organs and central nervous system.


If you are too cold, or too warm when you train then you are not optimising your performances. The new Nike Pro Apparel range have been constructed from a new material called Nike AeroAdapt that is perfectly designed to counter this problem.

Generally, air flow decreases in apparel as you sweat because fabric becomes saturated, but with Nike AeroAdapt it increases. That’s because the moment AeroAdapt senses sweat, the material’s moisture-reactive yarns open the fabric to release body heat and let air in. The wetter the material gets, the more it opens.

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As the moisture evaporates, the vents close to trap body heat, helping to prevent the athlete from feeling chilled or staying wet during a warm-up or cool down. 

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The technology responds to whomever is wearing it, meaning things such as moisture, from both sweat and the environment, as well as personal body temperature, can impact when the vents open and how long it takes for the vents to close and the panels to dry.


Time to build indestructible core strength.

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3 rounds, resting as little as possible between movements.

Rest 1 minute between each round.

  • 15 Sit ups
  • 15 Flat bench lying leg raise
  • 15 Jack knife sit ups
  • 15 Flat bench leg pull in
  • 15 toe touches
  • 15 crunches
  • 15 reverse crunches

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