Complete Home Push-Up Workout for Bigger Pecs and Flatter Abs

Improve how you look working out at home.

Check out this demanding home push-up workout that will make your pecs look fuller and flatten your abs at the same time.

Bodyweight exercises are incredible and offer many benefits for those who enjoy doing calisthenics regularly. Bodyweight movements can have these benefits:

Convenience: Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere, anytime, without any equipment or gym membership. All you need is your body, which makes them a convenient option for those who don’t have access to a gym or prefer to work out at home.

Increased strength: Bodyweight exercises are a great way to build strength and muscle, especially for beginners. They can also be used to supplement weight training, as they can help to improve your overall strength and endurance.

Improved flexibility: Many bodyweight exercises require you to use your full range of motion, which can help to improve your flexibility and mobility.

Reduced risk of injury: Bodyweight exercises are generally low-impact and put less stress on your joints than some other forms of exercise, such as weight lifting. This can help to reduce your risk of injury.

Variety: There are many different bodyweight exercises to choose from, which means you can create a varied and challenging workout routine that targets different muscle groups and helps to keep you motivated.

And today we are focusing on one of the best upper body exercises a person can do utilising only their bodyweight: the push-up, or press-up depending on where you are located.

This simple yet demanding exercise is usually done for people looking to improve their chest. Some try different variations to target their triceps, biceps or even shoulders.

With the help and expertise of Adam Sinicki, you will see the perfect push-up workout for bigger pecs and flatter abs.

Adam Sinicki is known online as “The Bioneer.” He is a health and fitness writer, and a personal trainer and has gathered almost 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

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Best Home Push-Up Workout for Bigger Pecs and Flatter Abs

The workout will consist of many, many push-ups, Sinicki explains. And below you will probably understand why this is the best home push-up workout for bigger pecs and flatter abs.

  • 100 push-ups (if you can only do 50 or 25 it is fine too)
  • 10 slow push-ups
  • 10 rocking push-ups on either side
  • 10 clapping push-ups
  • Rest
  • Repeat 3 times

The first set of push-ups is to train your endurance in the pec fibres and to bring the muscle to fatigue before hitting things off with more challenging variations focused on hypertrophy and explosiveness.

You may also take a few seconds of rest between each exercise. If you cannot do some of the movements, such as the clapping push-up, you should regress to an easier variation.

Check out more of the explanation of the best home push-up workout for bigger pecs and flatter abs in the video below presented by Adam Sinicki.

VIDEO – Best Home Push-Up Workout for Bigger Pecs and Flatter Abs

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By incorporating the best home push-up workout into your fitness routine, you will be applying progressive overload to your muscles. Progressive overload is a fundamental principle of exercise training that involves gradually increasing the stress placed on the body during exercise over time. The idea is that in order to make progress and achieve better fitness and strength, you need to challenge your body by gradually increasing the amount of weight, repetitions, sets, or adding variation during exercises.

By progressively increasing the load on your muscles, you force them to adapt to the increased demand, which leads to improved strength and endurance.

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There are many benefits of doing push-ups regularly. Here are some of them:

  1. Builds upper body strength: Push-ups are a great way to strengthen and tone the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and arms. By doing push-ups regularly, you can increase your overall upper body strength.
  2. Increases muscle endurance: Push-ups help to build muscle endurance, which is the ability of your muscles to work for extended periods without getting tired. This can be useful in daily activities such as carrying groceries or lifting heavy objects.
  3. Improves posture: Push-ups work the muscles that support your spine, improving your posture and reducing the risk of back pain.
  4. Requires no equipment: One of the great things about push-ups is that they can be done anywhere, anytime, without the need for any equipment.
  5. Promotes cardiovascular health: Push-ups are a form of resistance training that can help to increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health.
  6. Helps to burn calories: Push-ups are a compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them a great way to burn calories and lose weight.

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