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8 Awesome Benefits of Push Ups (Build Chest Muscle and Strength)

Why you need to do more push ups.

Push ups are one of the most fundamental exercises you can do.

If you want to build up your upper body strength and endurance, they are definitely worth trying at home or in the gym.

They are also a great way to start working out if you have not done any exercise before and want something that will give you results quickly without having to invest in expensive equipment such as weights or machines.

1. Benefits of Push Ups – Push Ups Work Multiple Muscle Groups at Once

Push ups work multiple muscle groups at once, including the chest, shoulders, triceps and core.

Your legs are also worked to support your body weight during the exercise.

Your core is being used to keep your body in a straight line when you do them on a hard surface like the floor.

2. Benefits of Push Ups – They are Easy to Adapt

Push ups are great for athletes of all ages and ability levels because they can be easily scaled up or downwards.

They can be done on your knees, with your feet elevated on a chair or bench or even with one arm at a time.

Altering the width of your arms will place more emphasis on the chest (wider arm placement) or the triceps (close arm placement).

You can even add weights and bands to alter the challenge as well.

3. Benefits of Push Ups – Push Ups Also Work your Legs

Push ups also work your legs since they require your body to be held in a straight line. This demands strength from your hip flexors (the muscles on the front of your hips) and core, along with your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

athlete performs flawless push-ups What Muscles Do Push Ups Work? Benefits of Push Ups Source: Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

Your core is taxed hard because it works to keep your body in a straight line.

4. Benefits of Push Ups – Push Ups are a Great Way to Build Muscle in Multiple Areas of the Body

Push Ups are an excellent choice for athletes that are new to training to build upper body muscle.

5. Benefits of Push Ups – The Movement Enhances Posture and Balance

Push ups can also help improve posture and balance by increasing strength in the surrounding muscles which support the spine.

Working the core is always a great way to enhance posture and balance in the human body.

6. Push Ups Measure Upper Body Strength and Endurance

Push ups are a great way to test your upper body strength and endurance.

You can use them as an objective marker for how your upper body strength and muscular endurance is improving.

A good starting test is to see how many push ups you can complete in one minute.

7. You do not Need Equipment for Push Ups

You can do push ups anywhere. With a little bit of space and some flooring, you can get the most out of your workout.

Whether it’s at home or in someone else’s home, on the beach or in a park, you don’t need a gym membership to get fit.

You don’t need to buy equipment for push ups because they require only your body weight as resistance.

Just make sure that wherever you are doing them has enough room for you to perform safely without hurting yourself or anyone around you.

 You also don’t need any special equipment beyond this; just make sure that the surface is relatively flat and hard enough so that your elbows will not bend under stress when performing these exercises.

8. Beginners Can Start with Push Ups on Their Knees

If you want to start doing push ups at home before trying them in the gym or at a class, start with knee push ups.

These can be done from a kneeling position on the floor or against a wall or bench.

Once you are comfortable with this, try full range of motion push ups.


Push ups are a great way to get started with body weight exercises.

Versatile and adaptive, they can be scaled up or downwards to suit your ability level.

Try adding them into your training plan now.

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