TYR Wodapalooza Creates New CrossFit Tournament in California: Wodapalooza SoCal

It all begins in September.

TYR Wodapalooza SoCal is the new CrossFit competition set in the United States that will have similar vibes to the already famous Wodapalooza in Miami. The tournament is set to run for a weekend beginning September 20.

Wodapalooza has, for the past 12 years, become a recurring CrossFit competition that brings many of the most famous athletes in a head-to-head competition in Miami at the beginning of the year, unofficially kickstarting the CrossFit season.

Now, the same people behind the Miami tournament have come up with another competition, promising to bring the same vibes from its counterpart: it’s called TYR Wodapalooza SoCal.

Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
2023 Wodapalooza competition in Miami

TYR Wodapalooza SoCal: the New CrossFit Tournament in California

“Introducing TYR WZA SoCal, our newest home to a second annual Wodapalooza Fitness Festival.” That is how the organisers of the event broke the news yesterday on their official Instagram profile.

  • When: September 20-22, 2024
  • Where: Huntington Beach, California

According to their official page, the TYR Wodapalooza SoCal will have “multiple stages with 1,000 competing athletes from around the world, brand activations and fitness lifestyle experiences, including educational seminars and workshops.”

This is similar to the already famous Wodapalooza in Miami where athletes from around the world compete in a weekend of fun and extravaganza.

Not all relevant information has been released yet. For example, it is still unclear how participants can register for the competition, how they will qualify for the later stages and how Miami and SoCal editions will be connected.

Earlier this year, the winners of Wodapalooza Miami were Paige Powers and Ricky Garard in the individual divisions. For the team’s divisions, the champions were Canadian PB&J and Team BPN.

2023 Miami Wodapalooza Winners

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