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CrossFit Games 2022 Individual Event 8 Results – Rinse and Repeat

Check out all the action.

The first event of Saturday saw the individual athletes head to the new pool complex at Wisconsin University.

Rinse and Repeat

Every 2 minutes:

50-yard swim
8-cal Ski Erg*

*Add 2 calories each round for 6 rounds, then complete as many calories as possible for rounds 7 and 8.

The proficient swimmers demonstrated tall elbows, high hip position in the water, full extensions of the arms ahead of them and long smooth strokes to maximise power and speed.

Individual Women

Kato, Turner and Freyova were strong in the first heat.

Heat 2

Going into the second heat, current leader Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr had not lost a swim event since 2015 at the CrossFit Games, could she continue this winning streak?

Tumble turns gave athletes more power off the wall and a quicker turn. However, they also mean the athlete had to hold their breath for a longer amount of time. Much harder with a jacked-up heart rate.

The event starts properly in the final two rounds of max calories

Toomey, Barnhart (former D1 swimmer), Horvath and Saunders all battled hard for the top five positions, trying unsuccessfully to chase down UK rookie Lucy Campbell for the winning position.

138 calories the top score for the women.

Here is how the second heat finished.

1Lucy Campbell138
2Amanda Barnhart134
3Laura Horvath133
4Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr131
5Kara Saunders130

Individual Men

Fikowski had his right ankle taped up, could it reveal the source of his lower than usual performance so far?

The Candian, Pepper and Briant fought hard for the top spot in the penultimate round. Pepper was pulling at 1800 calories an hour, climbing to 2000 in the final round. He claimed victory.

Heat 2

Koski is always strong when it comes to swimming events and the CrossFit Games. He has 3 swimming event wins under his belt.

Khrennikov moved through the water with a unique, long straight arm stroke.

Vellner has been working with Ryan Lochte in order to improve his swimming.

Koski, Dukic and Khrennikov were always first out of the pool in the early rounds.

The final two max calories rounds were incredible. Koski was first out of the water but Khrennikov, with pure brutal strength and power, smashed everyone else aside for the event win.

The leaderboard ended like this:

1Roman Khrennikov160
2Dallin Pepper157
3Jonne Koski154
4Lazar Dukic153
4Samuel Kwant153

Now onto Event 9…

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