CrossFit Games Winner Responds to His 4 Year Drug Ban

Shawn Ramirez competes in the Male 40 – 44 Masters division and is a multiple CrossFit Games winner. Known as “The Ram”, he has won 4 CrossFit Games individual titles, as many as Rich Froning, and finished in second place at the 2018 CrossFit Games. 

He tested positive for a form of Endurabol, a PED that Australian Ricky Garard was banned for in 2017.

Statement from Shawn Ramirez

“For those of you that know me, the character driven man I am, father, husband and LOYAL friend, this is for you. You know me well enough that I would NEVER take anything to jeopardize everything I worked so hard to achieve these last 5 years. Which, as you and the world knows, after all my podium finishes, I was immediately tested and always tested clean.

When CF notified me that I tested positive for GW1516 and Ostarine, I was floored! I have been in constant communication with CF and was really taken back when they released the findings. The amounts they found were so small 0.02 ng/ml (20 trillionths of a gram) and 0.3ng/ml, which were provided by CrossFit upon request.

The only thing that makes any sense is that there was a contaminated substance that I was taking. This unfortunately is happening more often than not to other professional athletes, MMA fighters, Olympians, where these companies are spiking their natural products to sell more and have more effects. All the products I was taking are 100% natural and I haven’t changed anything for 5 years. We have a saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

I am personally paying out of my pocket to continue my appeal, and have all the 8 products I was taking tested. I will disclose all of these, which I already did to CF which they stated were all legal and be 100% transparent with everyone this week. I have nothing to hide, and will release the findings of my testing as soon as early next week. I’m just more hurt than anything because I have dedicated 10 years of my Life to this Sport and did not expect my “CF Family” to release findings to the public without my final lab results. 

To ALL of you that know me, follow me, believe in me and shown all the LOVE over the past decade, Thank You for your Support and I WILL get through this. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. ??”

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CrossFit Games Athlete Responds to Her Drug Ban

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