CrossFit Announces Score Penalty, Emma Tall Loses Games Spot to Sam Briggs, Freyová jumped to 6th place

CrossFit issued a score penalty statement. Emma Tall lost her invite to the CrossFit Games with Sam Briggs taking her place. Freyová takes invite from Krysiak.

CrossFit has issued a list with score penalty committed by athletes during last weekend’s Semifinal events and has adjusted the leaderboard accordingly. Emma Tall lost her CrossFit Games spot to Sam Briggs and Karin Freyová jumped to 6th place, knocking out Martyna Krysiak.

Last weekend’s Semifinal events were all online: German Throwdown, Lowlands Throwdown and Brazil CrossFit Championship. CrossFit Inc. has issued a list of penalties committed by athletes and the score adjustment accordingly.

Emma Tall initially finished 5th in the German Throwdown, guaranteeing her a ticket straight to the CrossFit Games with 442 points at the end of event 6. In its official Instagram account, CrossFit congratulated and tagged Emma Tall on qualifying and added the hashtag #GAMESBOUND. It looked like Emma was officially going to the Games.

After the penalty statement, Emma Tall lost 46 points and saw her qualification placement dropped from 5th to 8th, tied with Oihana Moya. Sam Briggs, the 6th place, was bumped to 5th securing Emma’s previous spot at the CrossFit Games.

According to the press release, CrossFit deducted points from Emma on events 2 and 6.

Event 2 Score Penalty

  • Emma Tall: 1:49 major penalty for failure to extend hips and knees at the top of the deadlift

Event 6 Score Penalty

  • Emma Tall: 20-sec. penalty for receiving assistance with equipment

The German Throwdown Semifinal crowns 1st through 5th place to the CrossFit Games. The 6th, 7th, and 8th place in that competition will receive an invitation to the Last-Chance Qualifier. Although Emma is tied in 8th place with Oihana Moya (both with 396 points), the Spanish athlete is ahead of Tall in the leaderboard due to having more event wins.

leaderboard Emma Tall Sam Briggs score penalty

It is still unsure if CrossFit will extend an invitation to the Swedish athlete to compete in the Last-Chance Qualifier.

Freyová Takes Krysiak Invite to the Last-Chance Qualifier

Emma is not the only one who lost a significant position on the leaderboard.

Karin Freyová, from Slovakia, had her score updated from 332 to 416. She was bumped from 10th place to 6th, guaranteeing a spot in the Last-Chance Qualifier, knocking out Polish athlete Martyna Krysiak, who was originally placed 9th.

In the Lowlands Throwdown, due to an update in the seeding process, athletes placed 6th to 9th get an invitation to the Last-Chance Qualifier.

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