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Try This Excellent Dave Durante Core Workout Challenge

Looking for a new core workout routine? Give this one a go!

Training your core will positively impact pretty much all aspects of your life in and outside the gym. This excellent Dave Durante core workout challenge is one great way to challenge your midline.

A strong core will assist you with any pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying exercises.

Walking, bending, sitting, standing, reaching, and lifting all involve your core muscles to a certain extent. Therefore, a strong midline will help you improve your posture, stabilise your movement with or without external weight, and can prevent injury.

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You don’t necessarily need external weights to develop core strength, and the exercises included in this Dave Durante core workout challenge are not only effective but also relatively challenging when performed correctly.

Dave Durante Core Workout Challenge

For quality:

  • 10 reps Hollow Rocks
  • 10 reps V-Ups
  • 10 reps Tuck-Ups
  • 10 seconds Hollow Hold

Repeat for a desired number of rounds.

Hollow rocks

Hollow rocks are a staple bodyweight core gymnastics movement and target your abs, hip flexors, and quads.

CrossFit training describes the hollow rock as: “A seemingly innocuous little exercise, the hollow rock is a staple of gymnastics conditioning and excruciatingly tough when performed correctly.”


V-Ups are a complex bodyweight abs exercise that requires strength, flexibility, stability, and coordination. It targets the abs, hip flexors, obliques, lower back, and legs, and is a great exercise for working the upper and lower abdominal muscles simultaneously.


Tuck-Ups are popular in gymnastics training. The exercise targets your entire core, which includes the upper and lower abs, internal and external obliques, and rectus abdominis.

You will need good coordination, stability, and strength to perform them correctly. Make sure you keep a hollow body position throughout the exercise.

Hollow Hold

The Hollow Hold is one of the most – if not the most – important exercise to master when it comes to core training. It defines midline stability for athletes and is the basis for solid bodyweight movement.

Aim to create as much tension as possible, as this will translate into power and stability.

The hollow hold targets the muscles in your abs, lower back, glutes, hip flexors, and quads.

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Who is Dave Durante?

Dave Durante is the coach and co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness and is a former USA Gymnast. He is known for his impressive handstand and gymnastics skills.

He is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as an alternate, having begun training gymnastics in 1986. He was also a member of the 2007 World Championships Team that finished fourth.

Dave was a lead coach with the CrossFit Gymnastics L1 course from 2013-2015 and wrote and developed the CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Course.

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