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Ditch the Buzzwords, Just Crossfit

There is many descriptions and ideas on how to measure and show off to each other again and again. What am I getting at I hear you ask?

Things are being broken up too much! I’m a simple person and I think simplistically.

The sad part of the fitness industry is that marketing is taking over and every form of something is becoming a “fitness buzzword”.

How often do you see “Oh, we do movement” or “Oh, stabilisation training, functional” and “We do injury prevention”? Well you should. I’m still yet to find a gym that seeks to actively injure you; everything is movement and how is swinging kettlebells on a swiss ball actually functional?

Anyhow, everyone is trying to sell something and it is up to you to choose who you’re going to trust to lead you down your path.

Don’t be taken aback by fancy equipment and big words, and think that automatically this is the place for you. If you want to specialise in something then by all means go for it, but go to a specialist to learn how to!

I love Crossfit to bits, I really do: the coaching is simple “back, straight, knees, bend, body part, direction”, but I do enjoy when they throw up the odd post like: When optimising mechanics and having a breakdown of movement patterns, we find that functional development is only standardised in core to extremity by utilising external rotation and finding the positions of physical performance. -Tom Morrison Level 1 million of how to speak Crossfit Seminar Staff

Come on! We’ve all seen it! But if you’re interested in fitness and have experience you’re going to be like “Yeah! Midline stability!” But… If you don’t know where to start, or you’ve been sitting on the sofa for thirty years, that’s a whole other language that can be intimidating. I hate hearing stories about people wanting to join Crossfit but assuming you need to get “fit” first, you don’t!

crossfit buzzwords fitness

It will happen if you come down and just move. Crossfit is for everyone and I think that is what it needs to keep. Everyone is a strength and conditioning coach these days or a “movement specialist” – it’s what is selling at the minute and hey hats off to you if you can make business out of it.

The “average joe” is easily intimidated and I hate to think of someone missing out on such a program because they think they’ll never be able to do something.

There’s a million things I can’t do, but if I take a notion for one and start working towards it, I will get there.

Just a matter of how much time I’m willing to commit to it. I do think it is a good trait to have to look after yourself physically. How can you help anyone else if you can’t look after yourself after all?

Crossfit is evolving in two different ways: the elite of the elite are now doing things that no one thought possible and it’s amazing to watch but also seems quite unattainable to many. But never forget that these guys have the experience and are paving the way for us. We learn from their mistakes and we find new more efficient ways through their hard work and successes, making our path that bit easier!

Crossfit through trial and error is basically discovering how moving through so many different patterns with different loads is going to keep us moving and healthy well into our later years! Even through injuries that competitive athletes have unfortunately got (like every sport), they are sharing with us why it happened to them, how they have fixed it and how they are going to prevent the injury from ever happening again.

Leading to a fast track, safe system if taught correctly, it isn’t done yet. What I loved about Crossfit back at the start is that it takes the best of the best. If it works we steal it! And it is still doing that to this day, it is ever evolving and isn’t afraid to drop something if it is not effective. I am so excited to see where we all end up and I am glad to see more of these “hybrid” gyms popping up, because I believe in what we are doing and you can’t ignore the results! Now go lift!

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