Why Do You Crossfit?

The following are real answers from men, women, young and old at my box CrossFit Longmont in Colorado, USA. Enjoy.

1. I really like eating. And beer.

The high intensity burns calories, the weight lifting adds muscle, and with multiple training days per week you can have a few beers on the weekend without developing a beer belly.

2. Crossfit people are my people.

The Crossfit culture is what keeps so many of us coming back day after day. The like-mindedness of Crossfit athletes, and the positive energy are nothing short of intoxicating. People can feel this energy from the first day they join, and it never goes away.

3. I still don’t know what I’m capable of.

Regardless of your age, sex, weight, or athletic ability this applies to every athlete. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what skills you’ve developed, there’s always something new around the corner in Crossfit. PR’s don’t just come in the form of higher weights, or faster times, sometimes you take yourself to a new place by mentoring a new athlete or imparting your own knowledge and experience.

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4. Nothing better to do at 6:00 a.m.

Our boxing has a thriving 6:00 a.m. class – I know, I’ve attended it (once in three years after I had to drop my sister off for a freakishly early flight). I’m sorry I cannot really say anything else about this, except that whoever wrote this on the board clearly does not appreciate sleep in the same way I do.

5. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair at 60.


6. It’s my social hour.

See #2. There’s no better place to spend an hour among friends, and become energized for the day!

7. I can, therefore I should.

We have some deep thinkers in our Crossfit box.

8. I look better naked.

Single. It doesn’t matter – everyone wants to look good in their birthday suit. And when you’re more confident without clothes on, well, anything can happen.

9. I am bad ass, and this kicks ass.

We definitely have some young kick-ass athletes in the box. But we also have some masters-age Crossfit athletes, who although I know didn’t write this, are definitely bad ass as well. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing someone 10, or even 20, years older than you knocking out a new PR or crushing a WOD. Again… intoxicating!



10. In the end, it’s fun.

So true. Hard work is fun, especially when there’s a group of people suffering through the same WOD together.

11. I’m strong enough to fight the bad guys.

For the police officers and fire fighters out there, this definitely applies.

12. I’m Batman.

We definitely have a super hero worshipper in our box.

13. … No, I’m Batman.

Ok – maybe more than one.

14. Because the zombies will not eat me.

Everyone wants to be ready for the zombie apocalypse. What better way than to Crossfit? Are the zombies coming? I doubt it, but Crossfit will definitely prepare you for whatever life has to throw at you.

Why do you Crossfit?

Is one of these your reason too? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments area.

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