Do Cold Showers Burn Fat and Help Muscle Growth?

Is this a myth or is it worth a try?

Do you know if cold showers burn fat? What about muscle growth, is it beneficial to go through a cold shower? Keep scrolling to find out.

Taking a cold shower is not something most of us enjoy. Of course, on a hot day in the summer, a cold shower is often welcomed. But why should someone choose to take cold showers if a normal temperature, or even a hot one, is available?

Have you heard of cold showers burn fat faster? Or that it is beneficial for muscle growth? Is this a myth? That is what Max Posternak decided to talk about.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

In a video he uploaded, Posternak ponders if cold showers burn fat and help muscle growth. Check it out.

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Do Cold Showers Burn Fat and Help Muscle Growth?

So, do cold showers burn fat and help muscle growth? Using scientific information, Posternak says that “not really.” They do work, but not as amazing as some people might tell you.

Taking a cold shower every single day cannot get you to lose a few extra pounds off the scale every single week, but it does help with tackling the brown adipose tissue in our bodies.

In a study cited by Posternak, a person managed to increase their calorie expenditure by 400 calories after taking cold showers. That is amazing news, as 400 calories definitely make a difference when trying to lose weight. However, it was only one person, as the average calorie expenditure increased by 70.

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According to Posternak, another study that found some solid findings stated that being exposed to cold for two hours every day could lead to losing 1,5 pounds of weight over a six-week period. A 30-second shower or 1-minute cold shower is simply not going to help you with that.

Posternak still hopes people take a cold shower every once in a while to improve circulation, increase endorphins, strengthen their immune system and it can increase their energy levels.

So, do cold showers burn fat? Not really. It simply is not worth your time if you are looking to burn fat to simply take cold showers. This hack does not work in a regulated environment, let alone when you are simply taking a quick cold shower every once in a while.

To know more about how cold showers burn fat and help with muscle growth, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Do Cold Showers Burn Fat and Help Muscle Growth?

Although you just learned that “cold showers burn fat” is a myth, there are benefits of cold water for recovery.

We also covered how a university professor explained how to use cold to lose fat, not simply with cold showers.

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