Do These 3 Things Every Morning to Improve Your Health and Fitness

A morning routine to get you in shape and healthy.

The morning is arguably the most important part of your day. Do these 3 things every morning and see your life, in terms of fitness and health, improve drastically.

“When you win the morning, you have a better chance of winning the afternoon and the evening too.” Alex Lorenz is the man behind this sentence.

Alex Lorenz is a sports teacher and YouTube fitness guru. In a video, he talked about a morning routine that you should implement. He is the co-founder of Calisthenic Movement and has trained Calisthenics since 2012, uploading videos regularly for those people interested in getting in shape using only their body weight.

Read below what he had to say about 3 things you should do every morning to improve your life.

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Do These 3 Things Every Morning


In Lorenz’s list of 3 things to do every morning, first and foremost is to drink water.

While you are asleep, you are not able to replenish the fluid in your body. That can mount to 7, 8 or even more hours without drinking. “Giving the body water first when you wake up is a great way to get your body and your mind going.”

drink 1 to 2 glasses of fresh water. Add lemon if you like it.

Lemon contains vitamin C which supports brain function, your immune system and boosts your mood.

Mobility Routine

When waking up, your body is usually stiff. You should aim to do a quick mobility routine every morning to warm up your muscles, lubricate your joints and increase brain function.

Exercising early in the morning will improve your mood, increase your energy and enhance your metabolism.

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Alex advises the following 3-minute mobility routine to do every morning:

  • Deep squat – 30 seconds
  • Downward dog to cobra pose – 60 seconds
  • Repeat once more

When doing the squat, go as deep as you can without losing the tension, keeping your heels on the ground and keeping your spine straight. You can add small movements like tilting your body forward, circling your knees and reaching up with one or both arms.


You should aim to have a healthy breakfast every morning unless you are doing intermittent fasting where you skip breakfast altogether.

A good start, according to Alex Lorenz, is some oats with water or milk and some fruits, especially berries as they provide a lot of vitamins and antioxidant secondary plant components.

Those were, basically, the 3 things to do every morning if you want to improve your health and fitness in general. They are simple things to do, but, in the long run, will benefit you immensely.

To know more about it, click on the video below and see Lorenz explain each argument in deeper detail.

VIDEO – Do These 3 Things Every Morning

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