Five Reasons You Should Check Out the New Reebok Nano X

The latest iteration of the Reebok Nano line, the Reebok Nano X, is one of the most impressive cross training shoes currently in the market. Designed to tackle all kinds of workouts and ready for all challenges, athletes will be able to test their extremes with this shoe.

Reebok has created a shoe fit for running, jumping, lifting, rope climbing and whatever else a training session might throw at an athlete. They have kept the features that made previous iterations great and innovated on the looks, fit, comfort and performance to create the impressive Nano X – the Nano’s 10th iteration.

These are our top five reasons you should check out the new Reebok Nano X.


Built on the same platform as the Nano 9s, there are quite a few similarities between the shoes. However, the Nano X present a radical stylistic departure from any previous Nano, or any other cross training shoe in the market for that matter.

Yet the looks aren’t the only thing that has changed. The Reebok Nano X are built with a new Flexweave upper, which makes for a stretchier top of the shoe.

On top of the Flexweave, overlays for added support have been added to help secure the foot in place a bit better. An EVA-foam rim runs all round the shoe, cupping the foot in place and giving the Nano X a sock-like feel.

“We’ve innovated the Nano for ten years to reach the standards set by the loyal Nano community. We listened to athletes of all levels from around the world for guidance throughout the Nano X creation process,” said Tal Short, Senior Product Manager of Training Footwear at Reebok.

While the “Ropepro” feature from the Nano 9 was kept on the soles of the shoes, the lacing system includes a protective overlay on the lower part of the laces to protect them from harsh ropes.


The Reebok Nano X are built with a new high-density foam collar, which means there’s more cushioning in the back of the foot. Nevertheless, the heel cup feels a lot firmer than its previous model.

“The fit at the heel part of the Nano 10s is excellent,” said As Many Reviews As Possible when he released his verdict on the shoes.

The back of the shoe is rigid and stable – perfect for weightlifting – while the front is flexible and breathable, which is great for box jumps, lunges, burpees or any other movement that requires flexing of the foot.

The Nano X bend and move with the foot incredibly well.


The Reebok Nano X has been tested by CrossFit athletes, runners and high intensity fitness enthusiasts alike. The Nano X are built to be as versatile as athletes’ interests and to accompany them through all of them.

All CrossFit branding on the shoe has been removed and the Nano X are marketed for fans of all different types of workout.

Sizing has been kept true in the Nano X, so your regular shoe size should fit to these Nanos.


Being the 10th iteration of the Reebok Nano like, the Nano X is a shoe built on a decade of experience. Before the Nanos, there was no shoe built specifically for the changing range of activities and challenges functional fitness presents.

The Reebok Nano X are shoes made specifically to help athletes excel in every category.

The Nano X might look like a lot has changed, but the core values from the first Nano have remained the same for every edition: the best possible shoe for the community, by the community.

The Nano X is an evolution of the Nano 9, not a radical makeover. Which is a good thing, because the Nano 9 is a really good shoe.


Performance is the biggest factor when it comes to buying new shoes, but looks are also an important consideration.

Reebok has gone for a huge makeover on the way the Nano X looks – they’re more sneaker-like, slightly retro, streetwear shoes.

No other shoe on the fitness market looks like the Nano X and we’re big fans of this new design.

Reebok created the first official shoe for the up and coming competitive fitness movement. The Nano X represents a decade of dedication and a shoe you can rely on well beyond just the Box.


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