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Forgotten Lower Chest Exercises To Perfectly Define Your Pecs

Improve how you look with these exercises.

Improving how your chest looks is possible via many exercises. But how about you add variety to your workout next time with these forgotten lower chest exercises? Check it out.

There could be a few reasons why your lower chest is not defined. First it could be that your body fat percentage is too high – to get a nice-looking defined chest you should aim to have below 14%. Secondly, many staple chest exercises do not target the lower part of your pecs. But you clicked here to change that.

These forgotten lower chest exercises shared by Troy Adashun are all about helping you to carve your chest. Adashun is the co-founder of the fitness lifestyle company Alpha Lion and has created a gigantic YouTube following with his gym tips and workouts.

We recently shared also another article for this series titled Forgotten Upper Chest Exercises.

forgotten lower chest exercisesSource: Calibra / Pixabay

Forgotten Lower Chest Exercises

The 5 forgotten lower chest exercises from Adashun’s list are:

  1. Standing Pushdowns – drop set (set to failure, drop weight 30% and do reps to failure again)
  2. Lying Push-Out Press – 30 seconds under tension
  3. Standing X-Press – 30 seconds under tension
  4. Iso High-To-Low Cable Fly – 30 seconds under tension
  5. Incline Push-Up – 30 seconds under tension

Those are the forgotten lower chest exercises, but if you want to have a full workout for your lower chest, Adashun recommends the following:

  • Start the workout with weighted dips (3 sets of 8-12 reps)
  • Do standing pushdowns (3 drop sets)
  • Select 1 exercise from the list above (2 sets for 30 seconds under tension)

This workout should help you annihilate any imbalance on your lower chest and carve out that line. If you want to know how to perform properly each of these exercises, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Forgotten Lower Chest Exercises

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