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Free Home CrossFit Competitions to Keep You Motivated During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Measures to try and curb the spread of the coronavirus have meant that people are asked not to gather with more than one person and should stay at home as much as possible.

Events all over the world have been cancelled, non-essential businesses closed and there are strict rules in place regarding how often, how long for and how far away one should or is allowed to leave their homes.

For people who are used to moving and training many days a week, this means no training at the Box, no in-person social contact and a big lifestyle change. During times like this it’s important to maintain motivation and set small goals, to keep both body and mind healthy.

Many individuals and companies within the CrossFit community have stepped up to offer free online challenges and competitions, to keep athletes motivated and the community connected while socially isolated.

Home WOD Online Competition

Powered by The WOD Life, the Home WOD Online Competition is a free competition based on workouts you can do at home.

All you need is a small space to work out and a skipping rope, and all workouts are designed “so you can maintain your fitness and still compare scores with people around the world.”

The competition isn’t about replacing programming or specific training, rather is a quick workout with limited equipment.

Athletes are allowed to sign up anytime during the competition because of the constantly evolving situation, so there’ll be a focus on daily workout winners rather than overall winners.

Workouts will be programmed by athletes such as Khan Porter and Jess Coughlan, and Alec Smith and Alessandra Pichelli have confirmed they’re taking part.

Find out more here.

The Norwegian Livingroom Throwdown

Organised by the Norwegian Throwdown, the Livingroom Throwdown can be performed in any other part of your property if you believe that’s more suitable.

“There has been a fair amount of chaos and confusion lately but one thing remains the same, we all love fitness and we all love some friendly competition!” wrote the organisers on Instagram. “This is a competition with the intent to motivate everyone stuck at home!”


The competition is completely free and will last two weeks, with a registration deadline of March 27.

There are six “at home” workouts scheduled, with prizes to go with them, and the whole event will run on an honesty policy, which means “no videos, no judges and no reason not to join in.”

Week one 23/3 – 27/3

  • Workout 1 Release date 23/3
  • Workout 2 Release date 24/3
  • Workout 3 Release date 25/3

Score Submission Deadline 27/3

Week Two 30/3 – 3/4

  • Workout 4 Release date 30/3
  • Workout 5 Release date 31/3
  • Workout 6 Release date 1/4

Score Submission Deadline 3/4

The Norwegian Throwdown hopes to reward participation and not just performance, so some prizes will go to impressive score, while others will be awarded randomly.

Sign up here.

Velites Home Games 2020

A free online competition with a format similar to the CrossFit Open, Spanish company Velites has prepared the Home Games 2020.

With three workouts released over three weeks, the online competition hopes to virtually bring people together during times of social isolation.

Prizes will be given out every week, as well as a final prize.

Find out more here.

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