CrossFit Games Athlete Responds to his 4 Year Drug Ban from HQ

Hungarian National Champion Gabor Torok was one of a number of CrossFit Games athletes that recently received sanctions for banned PEDs.

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Torok was the fittest man in Hungary in 2018 and 2019, representing his nation in Madison this summer at The 2019 CrossFit Games. 

He posted the following statement on Instagram. We have translated the original Hungarian text into English. 

“Humility, dedication, perseverance and diligence. For me, these four words describe the exemplary athlete well.

Competitive sport is not about everyday health. Everybody wants to be the best here, and he does it by fire over water. I’ve been putting in hard work for years, giving 110% of every workout. I train 4-5 hours a day, plus 8 hours. When I qualified for the Games, I trained even more.

I used supplements that helped me recover quickly, but by no means any kind of illegal power boost that helps me improve my stamina or become stronger. I got these naturally during my workouts.

HQ have suspended me because of the use of a substance that I have NEVER taken. I have officially informed them. I appealed and provided all the information requested. Nevertheless, they decided to ban me for four years.

Of course, I won’t stop racing (CrossFit). In the future I will be competing in major European competitions (not organized by CF HQ). In addition, I will focus my attention on the professional leadership of RX Nation and the preparation of racers (CrossFit athletes) following the RX Comp online program.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by me! I look ahead, with lots of new plans.

With humility, dedication, perseverance and diligence.”

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