10 Ridiculously Simple Home Gym Hacks you Need to Try

Take your garage gym to the next level.

These Home Gym Hacks will help you get the most out of your home gym for the minimum amount of money.

Home Gym Hacks

You can find the following different Home Gym Hacks at each bookmarked point in the video.

0:59 Tennisball landmine

2:41 Rack hole spacer

3:23 Banded wrist rolls

5:15 Alternative garage door opener

6:20 Leg roll preacher curl

7:46 Wall storage 1: hooks

8:48 Rack attachment protection

9:48 Phone magnet

10:45 Tennisball dumbbell

11:13 Wall storage 2: board

Home Gym HacksSource: Cody Andersen

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