How Many Athletes Will Qualify for The CrossFit Games Quarterfinals Around the World?

The number of athletes qualifying to the CrossFit Quarterfinals has been established. The top 10% of athletes in each of CrossFit’s six recognised continents will go forth to compete in the next stage for a chance to make it to the Semifinals.

The CrossFit Quarterfinals cut-off lines have been drawn as follows:

Continent Men Women
North America 7,327 5,359
Europe 3,402 1,904
Oceania 990 779
Asia 812 388
South America 703 359
Africa 421 278

CrossFit Quarterfinals are an online test over the course of a weekend. They are a new stage of competition introduced for the 2021 CrossFit Games season and are designed to provide an additional test to qualify the appropriate athletes to the Semifinals.

Based on Open rank, the top 10% of athletes in each continent qualifies to the Quarterfinals. This number is established after the conclusion of Open workout 21.1 based on the number of athletes registered per continent.

This means that the number of qualified athletes can increase or decrease in future based on the total percentage of athletes registered to the Open per continent.

2021 CrossFit Quarterfinals

The 2021 Quarterfinals for individual athletes will take place between April 8 and 12, 2021.

Athletes participating in this stage of competition will require access to a fully stocked gym. Invites to Quarterfinals are not backfilled if an athlete declines to compete.

The format for the CrossFit Games season changed in 2021. This year, the season begins with the worldwide CrossFit Open and if followed by the online Quarterfinals. Then, top athletes in each continent will advance to the Semifinals.

There will be 10 Semifinal events worldwide, all of them hosting 30 men, 30 women, and 20 teams. The top athletes from each Semifinal event will ultimately qualify to compete in the 2021 CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Semifinals will run between May 24 and June 14.

In addition to the Semifinals there will be a “last chance” qualifier for athletes who narrowly missed the cut in Semifinals. This will take place online on the week of June 28.

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