How To Perform Reps for More Muscle Growth

You’ve got your sets and rep ranges sorted, but could you get more out of your training?

The simple answer to the questions above is yes, by learning how to perform reps for more muscle growth. Because you shouldn’t only exercise with good form but should also take advantage of small but effective stimuluses to help you build muscle.

Jeff Cavaliere, pro athlete and physical therapists, breaks down the best way to perform your reps if you want to build muscle and create muscle hypertrophy from your workouts.

This is important because the way you train for strength can differ significantly from the way you train for hypertrophy, even within the same exercises, if you want your time at the gym to be as efficient as possible.

dumbbell bench press

Take the bench press for example, training for strength would require you to be as efficient as possible (the more efficient, the more weight you can lift), so you’d follow an optimal bar path, perform the exercise at good speed, and recruit all muscles that will help you with the lift.

On the contrary, if you’re training for hypertrophy you’d use the bench press to grow your chest. In which case you’ll want to focus on the eccentric portion of the exercise, find a way to “lessen the contribution of the triceps and shoulders” and contract your chest muscles at the top of each rep.

Jeff Cavaliere explains how to perform reps for more muscle growth:

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