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Interview With Rich Froning – Training Tips to Make You a Better Crossfitter

Hey Rich, of all your victories at The CrossFit Games, which one have you enjoyed the most and why?

They all have a special place in my heart. Team ones are great because you get to share them.

Rich-FroningSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc
Rich and the team

If you could program one workout for The CrossFit Games Individual competition next year that you would love to watch, what would it be and why?

I think the Crit Event was my favorite I’ve watched.

What core principles are important to your own training?

Constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity with lots of sleep.

Rich-Froning-CrossFit-Mayhem-FreedomSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc
Train like Rich!

How is your training different now (as part of a team) compared to when you competed as an individual?

Less sleep!

What 3 tips would you advise for everyday Crossfitters to improve their strength for CrossFit?

  1. Consistency
  2. Consistency
  3. Consistency!

What 3 tips would you recommend for everyday Crossfitters to help them get better at Metcons?

Be consistent and leave stress at the door.

5 Love / Hates

  • Food you love: Pizza
  • Food you hate: Asparagus
  • Sport you love (non CrossFit): Football/Baseball
  • Sport you hate: None
  • Music you love: Christian and Country
  • Music you hate: Rap
  • Exercise you love: All
  • Exercise you hate: None

And finally, why should athletes come to the seminars with you and Chris in Europe?

We’re going to have fun and learn some cool things.

Thanks Rich.

If you have ever thought about training and learning from Rich in person, he and legendary endurance coach Chris Hinshaw will be touring Europe and delivering seminars. 

Find more details here

Rich-Froning-Chris-Hinshaw-European-Tour-2018Source: Rich Froning & Chris Hinshaw
Come and train with Rich and Chris



Sample workout from Chris Hinshaw

HOP SCOTCH (test Aerobic Threshold)

  • 200m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 400m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 600m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 800m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 1000m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 800m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 600m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 400m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • 200m run at easy pace
  • 100m sprint
  • Total: 5900m

Workout Details:

This is a continuous (non-stop) workout. Your rest is the easy pace interval. Each athlete picks their ‘easy pace’ which can be be a moderate intensity or a fast walk or anything in-between.

Workout Focus:

All your attention is the on the 100m sprints. This workout has a total of 9 of these 100m sprints. Focus on your form. Your intensity should not be 100% max effort. Back off on your intensity (97-98%) to retain your form.


Try these WODs from Rich.


3 x power clean (205 lbs) EMOM for 10 minutes

Rest 5 minutes

Followed by

  • 15 min AMRAP
  • 5 x pull-up
  • 10 x push-up
  • 15 x air (body weight) squat


  • AMRAP for 20 minutes of:
  • 20 x thruster (95 lbs)
  • 20 x pull-up
  • 20 x burpee

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