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Jacob Heppner Beats Josh Bridges in Boxing Match

Jacob Heppner takes the win.

Jacob Heppner recently beat Josh Bridges in Boxing match.

The two CrossFit veterans Josh Bridges and Jacob Heppner went toe to toe in the ring as the undercard fight.

Heppner eventually took victory but the result was close.

Josh later commentated, “It was an honor to share the ring with this man! Didn’t get the W but had a hell of a time pretending to box! go out and do something that scares you!”

Jacob Heppner and Josh Bridges in Boxing Match

As athletes their joint CrossFit credentials are highly impressive, with 11 CrossFit Games appearances between them, including one podium finish and six top-10 finishes.

Check out this post fight interview where both athletes

Josh Bridges in Boxing Match
Josh during Murph

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