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Jason Khalipa Interview – Ava’s Illness, His New Book and The AMRAP Mentality

Jason Khalipa talks about the inspiration behind his new book and how the AMRAP mentality will help you to succeed.

Hey Jason Khalipa, What led you to write the Book?

Originally I started to write the book to share what I had seen/learned in business and life about hard work. When Ava got sick it transformed the way I looked at everything. I realized the night she was diagnosed that we shouldn’t just work hard for cars/watches/etc but instead to have the means to provide for our family if/when a crisis occurs.

I wanted to share the message that by being present and focused with family, business, and your fitness you can build a hedge which will allow you to take on challenges better.

Tell us more about the content of the Book?

The book shares a tool/mindset I call the AMRAP Mentality with the reader. It is the approach I take to everything I do. It has 5 steps: Know your why, identify your focus, work hard at it, switch gears between them, re-evaluate.

Jason Khalipa As many reps as possible

Jason Khalipa’s Book

Where will the proceeds from the book go?

Pre-sale proceeds benefit NEGU.org which is an organization that supports families and children going through pediatric cancer. My family and I have became very close with the founder and we truly believe in their organization.

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What has been your favourite moment in your CrossFit career and why?

Moving up the leaderboard with 2 events to go in 2014 to take 3rd place and sharing the podium with both of my children, that was a great day!

If you could design one workout for the 2019 CrossFit Games, what would it be and why?

I’d like to see workouts from the past repeated such as the Burden Run to see how the athletes have improved over the years.

You have only 15 minutes to train, what workout do you do and why?

If I just got off a plane or have very limited time one of my favorite workouts is. 15 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of 5 push ups/ 7 Sit Ups/ 10 Air Squats. I focus on movements that would move my body a long range of motion. I also think about a rep scheme (5/7/10) that allows me to keep moving, elevating my heart rate and producing a lot of power.

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Jason Khalipa in action at The Games

Who inspires you?

My family for sure….and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

Favourite quote?

When I was competing “move fast, breathe slow” now its “business is a sport only you don’t know all your competitors and you’re competing everyday”.

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I had a @nc_fit member ask me what I think about during a workout yesterday. My answer was, “move fast, breathe slow.” •. Years ago a good friend Austin said to me right before a big event, “hey J, move fast and breathe slow” It took me a while to understand exactly what he meant…now I use It in every workout. The idea is to stay calm and control your breathing similar to the way you have a rhythm when you swim. Yet also move fast and with purpose. The by product is a good pace with a controlled heart rate. Find your pace. So the next time you grab a barbell, KB, rower handle, or big log….take a deep breath and remind yourself to “move fast, but breathe slow”. Let me know how It helps! #fitness #crossfit #amrapmentality @ausbing

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How important is confidence when it comes to performing as an athlete and as a businessman?

Confidence is very important, but it needs to be earned and not perceived. Earned confidence is earned through hard work for long periods of time. Perceived confidence doesn’t do much for you, you can tell yourself all you want that you will do well but unless you know deep down you have backed that up with action….the results often times aren’t great.

What superpower would you love to have?

I’d like to teleport and take my family with me anywhere in the world.

Can you give three important tips for newcomers to CrossFit?

  1. Find a community and coach that you have fun with and learn from
  2. Focus on moving well before you try and load the bar up
  3. Remember that we want to be fit for the rest of our lives, not just next week…..you have plenty of time to develop and work towards your goals…..just stay consistent!

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