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Mat Fraser Answers HWPO Training Frequently Asked Questions

The legend sits down and explains a few things regarding his training program.

The legendary CrossFit athlete Mat Fraser has held an “Ask Me Anything” session and answered some of those inquiries regarding his HWPO Training.

Mat Fraser is the 5-time CrossFit Games champion and considered by many the Fittest Man on Earth of all time.

In November, he unveiled a new layer of his HWPO Training program called HWPO Pro. It is designed for elite CrossFit athletes who are expected to qualify for the later stages of the CrossFit season.

During the weekend Mat Fraser was questioned about his HWPO Training program and he has released a video answering some of those questions.

You can sign up for HWPO or HWPO 60 by clicking here.

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Mat Fraser Answers Questions About His HWPO Training

How Long Should One Day of HWPO Take?

“Depends on what track you’re on,” Mat Fraser says. The original HWPO should take between 1 hour and 45 minutes up to 2 hours. However, there is now the option of the HWPO 60 in which there are fewer exercises to do and they are compressed into 60 minutes.

Are There Scaled Versions of HWPO Training?

Yes. “It’s not a one size fits all,” Mat explains. “In every workout, we put on the prescribed weight and the prescribed movements, but then we also put in percentages.”

Is There a Programming Sample?

“Right now, HWPO is running an offer that if you sign up for a subscription you get a 3-day free trial to make sure that you like the program.”

Why is the Rower So Good for Getting Fit?

”It just is.”

“It is a full-body workout, it requires a ton of technique, it’s great for posterior chain and the best thing about it is that you can always get better.”

How Will HWPO Pro Differ from Current HWPO Training Program?

“HWPO Pro is intended on getting you ready and replicating what you’re going to see in competitions. So there’s going to be much higher skilled movements, there’s going to be prescribed weights for the Metcons, you are expected to have resources outside of the gym,” such as a track to run or a pool or open water to do swimming workouts.

The HWPO Pro is two sections per day, five days a week.

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