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Watch Mat Fraser and His Ultimate Bicep and Back Workout with the Buttery Bros

Early morning pump session before breakfast.

Mat Fraser has uploaded a video in which he does a bicep and back workout session with the Buttery Bros. You can use the video to get creative next time you want to pump your arms.

Mat Fraser is the legendary 5x CrossFit Games champion who has stepped away from the competition floor earlier this year to dedicate himself to his business.

Part of his business is a collab with Marz Sawyers and Heber Cannon, also known as The Buttery Bros. On the latest video uploaded on Mat’s YouTube channel, the business partners dedicated a morning pump session focused on the biceps and the back.

”8 to 10 reps for muscle building,” says tyler Armstrong.

The workout started at 6 in the morning and it included:

There were a few more curls involved with a barbell as well.

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Watch Mat Fraser and The Buttery Bros Back and Bicep Workout

In the end, Sammy Moniz, Mat’s girlfriend and culinary chef, explained what the team would be having for breakfast: a frittata.

“Onions, broccoli, bacon, eggs, milk, provolone, shallots,” she says.

In the video, Mat Fraser also talks about his new addition to the gym: a decline bench. We have already seen a tour of his home gym and we are incredibly jealous.

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