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Mishka Murad, National Champion of Pakistan Explains the Realities Facing Most CrossFit Games Athletes

Just before taking to the field for the athlete ceremony, Mishka Murad, the National Champion of Pakistan reflected on what it meant for her to be there at The CrossFit Games.

“It’s really important for me to showcase the grit and resilience that I have, no matter what the workout is…I know what I can and cannot do so I have to be realistic about that.”


She talked further about CrossFit in Pakistan and the cultural ramifications of her training.

“It is such a privilege to be able to do a sport like CrossFit given the background that I have. Where I come from it’s not ordinary for women to pursue things that include lifting heavy objects and there is only one Box in the country so far…so this is an honour and a privilege.”


She then ruminated on the realities that face the diverse set of athletes that competed in Madison earlier this summer.

“For a lot of us we don’t have the athletic background that a lot of the elite athletes have and, secondly, we just don’t grow up with the same life opportunities.”

“So I used to spend, as a kid, a lot of my summers laying on the tiled floors because it’s really common for us not to have power in the summer so for 12 or 14 hours in this stifling, hundred degree heat you’re pulling up your shirt and laying down on the floor and that’s the reality for a lot of us.”

She also elucidated her thoughts on the myth that hard work is simply all it takes to make it to the CrossFit Games.

“We don’t all have boxes, we don’t all have the financial means to work out and so this idea that hard work is all it takes to get to The CrossFit Games, that’s something that I disagree with. I think hard work is necessary but life opportunities, the skills that you come with, what you learn as a child, talents you have and where your parents can push you, what they can pay for. I think that’s a big part of it too and not everybody has access to those things.”

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