The Most Effective 100 Rep Glute Workout on the Planet!

Optimise your lower body.

Check out the most effective glute workout on the planet, as designed by Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean X.

The Most Effective 100 Rep Glute Workout on the Planet

“The hundred glute workout requires all out effort, but the results are nothing short of amazing if you follow the glute exercises and protocols shown here. As always a solid glute workout should consist of exercises for your glute max and glute medius.  That said, even that doesn’t make this workout for glutes complete.  In order to round out your butt with a well rounded workout you need to spend more time focusing on the reps that actually count to help you build bigger, stronger glutes. That is what we do in this workout.”

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Increase the Intensity

“If you look at most glute workouts that people perform, they usually consist of the same glute exercises. The issue isn’t necessarily what you’re doing but how you’re doing them. In order to increase the intensity of the workouts you are doing you have to focus on increasing the intensity of each set you perform. Consider that in a normal set of 12 reps that only the last 2-3 are actually hard enough to provide enough stimulus for muscle growth.”

Rest Pause Technique

“What if you had a way that allowed you to more quickly tap into those harder, more growth producing reps more quickly? You do, by incorporating a rest pause technique into your training. Here, when the set is resumed you are instantly back to recruiting more type II fibers which are more easily able to respond to your hard work in the form of new size. The accumulation of these more difficult, effective reps is what can easily help you to increase the size of your glutes while decreasing the length of your workout.”

Effective Rep Ranges

“When it comes to training in the effective rep range, ask yourself a question. When you perform a set of any glute exercise, do you take it to failure or close to failure? Likely, the only reps you feel that are challenging are the final 1 to 3 reps. This is because, it is only at the point after the muscle has been stressed enough to tap into the harder to reach type IIb muscle fibres that the task at hand becomes challenging enough to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.”

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“With the glutes workout technique shown here and in this series, you’re going to more quickly tap into these growth inducing type II fibers. The strategy is as follows:”

“Perform a set of the glute exercises shown below to 12 rep failure. Choose a weight that will cause you to fail at or close to the 12 rep mark. This is called the ignition set. At this point, the real work begins. Rest for just 15 seconds as part of a somewhat prolonged rest/pause. As soon as these 15 seconds are up, get back into another set. You will instantly recognize that the reps will be challenging more quickly due to the decreased recovery time allowed.”

“You are still using the same load however, therefore your glutes are still being subjected to the same external load. However many reps you get after each of these rest/pause increments are all deemed to be effective reps. Each bout should be taken to failure. Accumulate 20 effective reps, even if you’re getting just 1 out at a time at some point, and your work on that exercise is complete.

If for some reason you are unable to complete any more reps on your way to 20, end your set and aim to complete all 20 the next time you perform this workout.”

100 Glute Workout

“Here is how to construct the 100 glute workout with that in mind.”

– 0:00 100 Glute Workout

– 0:25 Effective Reps

– 1:03 Exercise 1

– 2:04 Exercise 2

– 3:17 Exercise 3

– 4:11 Exercise 4

– 5:29 Exercise 5

– 6:27 Optional Exercise

  • Barbell Hip Thrust – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause as a Dead Row
  • Barbell RDL – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • DB Sprinter Lunges – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • Cable Pullthroughs – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • Banded Hip Drops – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause each side

Optional: Glute Bridge/Curl Static Ladder x 20 reps using a 5 second isometric hold in the bridge position of each rep (Rest/Pause)

All totalled, this will amount to 100 effective reps in this intense glute workout.

“If you have to adjust your weights down as the fatigue mounts, do so accordingly. You are not necessarily using your 12 rep max on an exercise, you are using a weight that will cause you to fail at the 12 rep mark in that given workout. Fatigue accumulating in the later glute exercises of this workout may cause you to have to drop down a bit to make this happen throughout the workout.”

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Muscles of the glutes

The glutes, or buttocks, are made up of three muscles: the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus. These muscles work together to provide stability in movement, support the spine and pelvis during activities such as walking, running and jumping.

Most Effective 100 Rep Glute Workout – Gluteus minimus

Gluteus minimus is a small muscle located deep in the buttocks. It’s part of your gluteal complex, which consists of three muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

The gluteal complex works together to extend and rotate your thigh outwardly (think: kicking a leg out to the side).

In addition to extending and rotating your thigh outwardly, gluteus minimus also helps you shift back and forth between sitting on one buttock or another or standing with equal weight on both feet.

Most Effective 100 Rep Glute Workout – Gluteus medius

The gluteus medius is a triangular muscle that lies on the outer surface of your hip. It helps to keep your hips level, especially during activities like walking, running and jumping. The gluteus medius works with several other muscles in the lower body to move your thigh and leg out to the side. When you walk or run, for example, this muscle contracts at the same time as the gluteus minimus and tensor fasciae latae (a deep muscle located just underneath it). Together these three muscles help extend or straighten your hip joint.

The gluteus maximus is another large muscle located deep within each buttock that supports both sides of your pelvis (hip bones), extends from below one side of your sacrum all the way up into your lower back where it attaches onto two thoracic vertebrae near their spinous processes (spine).

Most Effective 100 Rep Glute Workout – Gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, but it’s also the most superficial. This means that you can see it on the surface of your skin. It helps to give shape to your buttocks, and assists with walking and running by helping you stand up straight.

The muscles of the glutes include the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus.

The gluteus minimus, medius and maximus are the muscles of the glutes. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, but it does not contribute to running. Instead, it works with other muscles to support your posture when you stand or sit. The most active muscle in running is the gluteus medius—it pulls on each side of your hip joint as you move forward with each stride.

Conclusion – Most Effective 100 Rep Glute Workout

Add this glute workout into your training.

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