New 17.1 Winner Announced as Top 3 Athletes Have Scores Adjusted for No-Reps!

Check out the latest information about the results from Open Workout 17.1.


Sara Armanius from CrossFit Fabriken in Malmö/Sweden has beaten Sam Briggs´ time for only one second to become the official Open 17.1 Winner with a time of 9.46.
The 2016 fittest Women in Sweden took 11th in the Europe Open 2016 and a strong 6th place in the Athlete Games 2016

BOXROX Interview with Sara Armanius


Nicolai Duus from Crossfit Northvest in Copenhagen/Denmark smashed a time of 9.41 putting him on the top of the unofficial Leaderboard. However, on Friday, CrossFit announced that the top 3 finishers all received penalties after reviewing their videos on the basis of several reps not meeting the movement standards. Nicolai Duus was penalized 50 seconds taking his time of 9:41 and moving it back to 10:31. This penalty has thrown him back nine places down to 10th in the Europe region.

Here is his workout:

After the dust was settled it turned out to be Scott Cottrill of CrossFit Hilliard in Hilliard, Ohio with a time of 9:57. Cottrill did the workout judged by 2010 CrossFit Games champion Graham Holmberg.

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