Electric Crowds & Outstanding Athletic Performances at The German Throwdown

Games Athlete Adrian Mundwiler and Regionals Athlete Laura Horvath highlighted the athletic performances with their wins in the Elite divisions of The German Throwdown.

“It was a really good competition, I liked the workouts and the level of competition was high. I always had to push quite hard. It was a fun two days.” Adrian Mundwiler said afterwards.

The absolute highlight of the weekend was the snatch ladder, where the elite athletes had to go through 10 barbells with increasing weight from 50kg to 82,5kg for the females and 80kg to 125kg for the males. Close to 1000 people were cheering, clapping and energizing the athletes. That made the German Throwdown Arena a boiling pot.

german throwdown anna hulda snatch
Dr Anna Hulda Hits the Final Snatch in style!


Year after year, true inspiration comes from the master athletes. The level of performance was so high that at some points it was not easy to identify if the Elite or Masters were working out. In the end the winners of the 35-44 divisons were Alexandra Wichmann and Marcin Reus, and the winners of the 45+ divisions were Yvonne Rowold and David Jankinoff.


For the first time teams were part of the German Throwdown with Team Bear Skulls securing the title. With the unique team format of a roster of six but with four athletes competing at a time, the team captains used this to their full advantage and substituted athletes depending on the kind of workout or if some athletes faced an injury. Following their teams, whole box communities gathered on the rail of the arena to push their athletes to their limits.

german throwdown crowd
The electric atmosphere and passionate crowd at The German Throwdown

The warm-up area for the athletes encountered full satisfaction. “I think it is well organised. The warm-up area is perfect, everything is here. It is one of the best warm-up areas I have been to.” Kevin Winkens, 4th in the Elite Male Division, said.

The sport in the arena was accompanied with a big vendor village providing every need and the newest products the modern Crossfitter needs for their daily routine. Two food trucks and one truck for coffee specialties provided a nice range of foods from vegan burgers to a latte macchiato.

“I am really happy with how the weekend turned out. The feedback across the athletes, spectators and sponsors was incredible. Also the amount of spectators we had over the weekend was a lot more than we expected and with this experience and knowledge we will adjust the venue to a higher capacity, especially the grandstand and the food trucks. I am greatly looking forward to the German Throwdown 17 in November this year, which will be in the same location of Halle 45.” Benedict Gebhardt says. “I also want to thank every volunteer and judge making the GTD the great event it is.”

Gebhardt is planning on extending the team for this year’s organization. If there are very motivated readers who want to be a part of the German Throwdown, please send an email to with a few words about yourself and your qualification.

German Throwdown pull upsSource: German Throwdown
The competition was fierce and the standards high.
German Throwdown team competition
Smells like team spirit!
German Throwdown shoulder to overhead press kettlebell press
The workouts were tough tests of fitness


– Ben Herrmann

– Carsten Möhrke

– Felix Hoffmann

– Frank Fischbach

– Klaus Gruber


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