New Nike Metcon 6 Styles About to be Released – Grab Your Pair!

The Nike Metcon 6 is the most breathable Metcon to date.

It was specifically designed to take the heat and has been thoroughly tested to take on any – and many – workouts.

nike metcon 6Source: Nike

Breathable and light

Breathability might be the best feature of the Nike Metcon 6 and the one aspect that makes it stand out from many other cross-training shoes.

Nike claims the Metcon 6 is 18% more breathable than the Metcon 5.

They have achieved this by refitting the shoe with an all-mesh upper, which keeps your feet cool and fresh throughout any workout.

nike metcon 6 review
Breathable all-mesh uppers.

No athlete is immune to overheating and your feet and hands cool your body temperature the most, so shoes that keep the air flowing through help you release heat quicker during and in between sets.

Additionally, the all-mesh upper makes the Metcon 6 flexible and light, and gives it a soft feel when performing double unders, burpees and box jumps.

Strong and stable

The first thing you notice when you put on the Metcon 6 is how stable it feels. This is because the shoe features a wide heel, which provides a strong base and firm feel.

The Nike Metcon 6 are so stable they make almost the same satisfying clicking noise as Olympic weightlifting shoes do when you walk, just a little softer.

The midsole also features two kinds of foam; a firm and stable one at the heel of the shoe to allow you to squat, snatch, clean or deadlift on a firm foundation, and a cushioned foam for the forefoot, which gives springiness and support to exercises like sprints, box jumps and rope skipping.

nike metcon 6 womens
Nike Metcon 6 Women’s original colourway.

Like with the Metcon 5, the Nike Metcon 6 comes with an 6mm Hyperlift. These firm inserts for heavy lifting go under the midsole and add underfoot stability to heavy lifts.

The Hyperlifts, which give you a 10mm total drop, will help you hit your max depth for exercises like squats, wall balls, pistols, snatches, and cleans.

Durable and comfortable

Nike has reinforced the mesh on the uppers. You can use the Metcon 6 with confidence, knowing it will withstand rope climbs and, of course, many, many workouts.

The all-rubber outsole is impressive in its durability and grip, and the sticky forefoot rubber provides incredible traction.

Nike Metcon 6 grip
Metcon 6 rubber sole.

The laces feature Nike’s Flywire, small threads that loop around the base of the laces that help ensure a snug, comfortable yet locked in fit throughout the midfoot.

Nike Metcon 6 Mat Fraser

This is CrossFit’s® reigning champion, Mat Fraser, signature shoe.

Featuring the same upgrades that the Metcon 6 received, the Mat Fraser edition has additional signature aesthetic details inspired by the four-time Fittest Man on Earth. They are:

  • Back overlay on the uppers to represent the “dark space” Fraser immerses himself to block out distractions
  • Fraser’s focus is represented by a red stripe across the lateral side of the shoe
  • The blue patterns around the shoe represent Fraser’s capacity to execute under pressure
  • Fraser’s famous “Hard Work Pays Off” is printed on the midsole
  • Four circular symbols on the heel represent Fraser’s four consecutive CrossFit Games wins

The biggest update on the Nike Metcon 6 is its breathability. Mat Fraser discussed the importance of not overheating as a key component to the design.

“Staying cool has everything to do with your pacing while training or competing. If you’re overheating, you won’t be able to run a mile at a normal pace, but added to that, you won’t be able to recover from that mile at the same pace either,” he said.

The Nike Metcon 6 Mat Fraser is already available – get it here!

Nike Metcon 6 Sizing

Like its predecessor, the Nike Metcon 6 falls on the smaller scale. I usually wear a women’s size 7.5 (US) in all my running, training and lifestyle shoes, but for the Metcon 6 I went half a size up, to a 8 (US), and they fit perfectly.

With that in mind, if you already own a pair of Nike Metcon 5 and are happy with their fit and feel choose the same size when buying the Nike Metcon 6.

The Metcon 6 accounts for the variability of functional fitness — from movements to needs to environments.


Nike Metcon 6Source: Nike

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