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Perfect Chest Push-Up Workout for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes

Hit all different areas of the chest with this bodyweight workout.

Many push-up workouts have you simply bending and extending your arms for reps without any regard for the muscles in your chest – not this perfect chest push-up workout.

There are no rep ranges in this workout, you should simply do every exercise to failure.

Once you reach that point, transition between exercises by doing an ab exercise, which will vary depending on your fitness level.

This workout is from pro athlete and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere, M.S.P.T, CSCS.

Check out the perfect chest push-up workout

Perfect Push-Up WorkoutBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Upper ChestKnee PushawaysProwler PushawaysDecline Push-Ups
Middle ChestKnee Push-UpsPush-UpsArcher Push-Ups
Lower ChestIncline Push-UpsPseudo Planche Push-UpsModified Hindu Push-Ups
AdductionTwisting Push-Ups from KneesTwisting Push-UpsBanded Crossover Push-Ups
ExplosivityLateral Knee Plyo Push-UpsDouble Hand Release Push-UpsBrock Shuffle Push-Ups

Perform this entire workout two to three times. Rest between 3 to 5 minutes between sets, then start over again.

Fill the gaps of your rest periods with something else. In the case of this perfect chest push-up workout, transition between exercises by performing:

  • Beginners: V-Sit Hold
  • Intermediate: Scissor V-Sit Hold
  • Advanced: Scissor V-Ups

Do your version of the ab exercise until you’re ready to go back and perform the next exercise in the list.

It is absolutely possible to construct the perfect chest workout in the form of push-ups only, you only have to know how. Try it out and let us know how you get on!

Watch a demo of all exercises in this perfect chest push-up workout

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