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Register Now and Compete for $600K in Cash Prizes at The Dubai Fitness Championship

Dubai Fitness Championship Quick Stats

  • Registration: August 9th to October 15th
  • Registration cost: $15
  • Online Qualifiers: October 11th to 29th
  • Finals Dates: December 13-16th, 2017
  • Number of Available Spots for Finals: 60 (30M/30F)

Dubai Fitness Championship

Venues: The Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Hamdan Sports Complex and others to be announced.

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What is The Dubai Fitness Championship?

The Dubai Fitness Championship is an annual competitive fitness showdown taking place in Dubai, UAE. It’s goal is to bring together individual athletes from around the world to compete in the spirit of fitness.


Starting in 2012 to raise awareness on the importance of exercise and health, the event quickly gained momentum in the fitness world, attracting top elite athletes from around the globe. Generous cash prizes and Dubai as the ultimate destination facilitated this rapid growth.

The Dubai Fitness Championship has evolved over the last five years from a local competition to a global event. Not only have the athletes changed from UAE residents and a few visitors to professional Games athletes, but the format has also progressed significantly.

Prior to 2016, the qualifiers were held the weekend ahead of the finals across multiple gyms around Dubai. This was followed by a week to prepare for the finals on the second week. In 2016 we introduced the online qualifier to make the competition accessible to more athletes, but also to increase exposure and expectations.

Lucas-EsslingerSource: Dubai Fitness Championship
Lucas-Esslinger is action!

Who Competes?

#DFC17 is open to all level athletes from all over the world. The Dubai Fitness Championship provides a truly global online qualifier just ahead of the season. Whether you are an athlete at the top of regional events or if you are just starting today.

To name a few, 2016 featured:

  • Ricky Garard
  • Jason Smith
  • Jonne Koski
  • Sam Briggs
  • Ben Smith

The Dubai Fitness Championship will continue to provide the excitement and challenges sought for by athletes and spectators alike, both nationally and internationally, all in the heart of one of the most iconic cities in the world.


Unique and unlike any other city in the world, Dubai offers something for the entire family. We invite you to come and experience second to none hospitality, beaches, landmarks, museums and a wonderful welcoming culture.

Details for Entering and Spectating at The Dubai Fitness Championship

  • Who can enter? Open to all athletes
  • Cost: $15
  • Number of available spots for finals: 60 (30M/30F)
  • Online Qualifiers: October 11- 29th
  • Finals: December 13-16th, 2017
  • Venues: The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Hamdan Sports Complex and others.
  • Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cash Prizes

  • Total cash prizes in excess of $600K
  • Top Overall Finish Prizes $382,000
  • Finals Prize Breakdown Per Event $142,000
  • Online Qualifier Prizes $76,500

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Finalist Athlete Incentives

  • Complimentary registration
  • Complimentary ground transportation
  • Exclusive competitive rate in 5 star Hotel
  • Event specific apparel
  • Video
  • Photo

Additional Qualifier Weekly Prizes (M&W)

Week 1 

(2) Concept 2 Erg or Skierg (winners choice)

Week 2

(2) Assault Bikes

Week 3

(2) One year supply of Xendurance complete product line

Register, compete, win or spectate. (Athletes that meet the qualifier process, but fail to qualify are welcome to spectate for no additional cost)

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