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Source: CrossFit Inc

Rich Froning Responds to Winning The CrossFit Games (and Coming Second last Year)

Rich and CrossFit Mayhem Freedom are back on top.


“I love these 7 people! Could not be more proud of the hard work they put in this past year and how much fun we’ve had doing it! Thank you to some of my best friends.

Thank you to all the fans, judges, volunteers, and sponsors for all the energy and hard work over the weekend! 
See everyone next year!”


“How do you respond to failure? Do you make every excuse possible about why it happened? Or do you take ownership for it and do something about it? 
I know this wasn’t a very popular picture a year ago, but the memory of the feelings from this picture and that medal was motivation for a years hard work.”

Proud of both @crossfitmayhemfreedomteams