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6 South African Athletes To Follow & Learn From

Tammi Robinson

While you probably wouldn’t know it from her accent, Tammi Robinson is a South African-born Aussie athlete whose been making waves in the scene for many years.

A two-time CrossFit Games athlete and former CrossFit YAS member, Tammi’s first taste of the Games was with the Abu Dhabi-based team in 2016, placing on the podium in 3rd place that year.

In more recent years she has relocated to Hong Kong with partner Ant Haynes — 2020’s China’s Fittest Man. Together they train at Coastal Fitness (or from their home gym setup in Fortress Hill).

Tammi’s journey in CrossFit began all the way back in 2013 when she checked out City 4051 CrossFit with a touch football teammate. Until then, she had been a national touch football player in Australia, but gave that up after falling in love with CrossFit. She went on to “scrape” through to Regionals in her first year.

“As anyone who’s done a competitive sport before, it kind of ignited that fire again and made me feel super hungry for it,” Tammi told BOXROX. “What I loved initially was the fact that I couldn’t do things.”

The 2020 National Champion didn’t compete in the Open this year, but has a wealth of experience that she brings to her work with The Process Programming, a mentorship and coaching community which encourages members to invest in their health and fitness. She is also focusing on her health and happiness, which she shares her learnings as a coach and athlete through her Instagram account.

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