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The Most Scientific Way to Train Glutes

Use science in your favour.

Find out what is the most scientific way to train glutes according to a natural professional bodybuilder and fitness coach.

Sadly, the glutes are a muscle group that is often neglected by most gym-goers. But if you clicked on this link is because you are not like most people and want to know how to get a stronger nicer-looking butt. Jeff Nippard might have the answer.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder and fitness coach who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In the following video, Nippard shows the most scientific way to train glutes.

The Most Scientific Way to Train Glutes

Source: Your House Fitness

In the video at the bottom of this page, Nippard firstly talks about the importance of the glutes and what is its main function. It is important to understand that to know how to better activate your glutes when doing a specific exercise.

When it comes to actually doing something, you first want to do some pre-activation of your glutes to find a muscle-mind connection to this muscle group. “Using a circular band can be a good way to open up the hips and get the glutes firing through active hip abduction during a few light or bodyweight squats,” Nippard says.

He also talks about squats being overrated for working out your glutes because, according to scientific studies, the glutes fire the hardest when they’re in full hip extension and squats load the glutes largely when they’re not near full hip extension.

However, if you want to keep doing squats, you can do 3 things to make them more glute-focused:

  • Point your toes out
  • Take a wider stance
  • Sit back while keeping the shins more vertical

With that in mind and trying to put it all together for the most scientific way to train glutes, Nippard exemplifies a workout you can do.

Back Squat

  • 2 sets – 5 reps (warm-up)
  • 3 sets – 4 reps (with heavy load)

Plate-Loaded Single-Leg Hip Thrust

  • 3 sets – 12-15 reps per leg

Walking Barbell Lunge

  • 3 sets – 30 strides

Lower Back (Hip) Extension

  • 3 sets – 15-20 reps (load with a plate held to your chest)

Hip Abduction (machine, cable or plate)

  • 3 sets – 15-20 reps

VIDEO – The Most Scientific Way to Train Glutes

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