Thor ‘The Mountain’ Breaks Deadlift World Record on The Elephant Bar

Halfthor Bjornsson, otherwise known as ‘The Mountain’ broke his previous Elephant Bar Deadlift world record of 472kg/1,042 lbs on his second attempt at The 2019 Arnold Classic! He then went on to attempt 501 kg, but didn’t have enough left in the tank. 

“Pretty casual new WR Elephant Bar Deadlift 474kg/1044.9lbs. Very happy with day 1 here at The Arnold Strongman Classic even though 501 will have to wait for another day.”


The Elephant bar is classed as a category distinctive in its own right. The bar is much more springy, and requires a different tactical approach to lift effectively. 

Eddie Hall has deadlifted 500 kg using a conventional bar. This superhero record is yet to be beaten. He suffered bleeding in the brain, symptoms of a concussion (he forgot his wife’s name for weeks) and he temporarily lost his sight. All from this one lift. Pure strength from pure dedication and pain.

Halfthor Bjornsson went on to win The Arnold Classic for the second time in a row. Brian Shaw suffered a hamstring injury during the deadlift event, causing him to finish in 8th place. 

The results went as follows:

  • 1st (45 points): Hafthor Bjornsson of Iceland, $72,000
  • 2nd (40.5): Martins Licis of USA $22,000
  • 3rd (31.5): Mateusz Kieliszkowski of Poland, $17,000
  • 4th (30.5): Mikhail Shivlyakov of Russia, $12,000
  •  5th (28): Matjaz Belsak of Slovenia, $10,000.
  • 6th (27): Rauno Heinla of Estonia, $7,000
  • 7th (25): Oleksii Novikov of Ukraine, $6,000
  • 8th (21): Brian Shaw of USA $4,000.
  • 9th (14.5): Jerry Pritchett of USA $3,000.
  • 10th (1): Jean-Francois Caron of Canada, $2,000.

Thor also set another world record during the Arnold Classic.

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