13 Tips to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Get better results in less time.

These great tips from Jeff at Athlean X will help you get six pack abs fast.

Tips to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

“If you want to get 6 pack abs then there are some things you’re going to want to make sure you get right. In this video, I’m revealing my greatest tips for getting 6 pack abs fast. As you would expect, these will be a mix of nutrition and workout tips for abs. You simply cannot get a ripped six pack without paying attention to both sides of the equation.”

“With that said, we start right off ironically in the bathroom for a nutrition tip. That’s right, you want to start where you day starts with rehydration. Likely you have not had any water since before you went to bed. This can leave you dehydrated. The best thing you can do for your body is drink 16-20 ounces of water upon waking before doing anything else, simply to try and get ahead of the deficit. Whether you are trying to increase your metabolism or improve the quality of your ab workouts, you need to have plenty of water to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of each.”

Tips to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

“Speaking of what to do first, the next tip for getting abs has to do with the sequence of something else – your ab workouts. It’s less important which ab exercises you choose as it is which order you perform them in. Be sure to perform lower ab movements (ones that involve isolated movement of the legs) first in your training and save the top down movements for last. In the name of exercise efficiency, this order will save you from attempting your hardest ab exercises when you are least capable of performing them well.”

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“When it comes to eating, remember this nutrition tip and you will be way ahead of the game when it comes to achieving your fat loss goals and you won’t even have to count a single calorie in the process. Pretend your plate is a clock and make an imaginary line for 9 o’clock and nine twenty. Fill the largest portion of the plate with fibrous carbs. If you’re looking for a resource for the best choices be sure to visit here. Fill the second largest portion with protein. Fill the remaining portion with starchy carbs and top with a small amount of incidental fat. Keep the portions low without heaping and you will find this simple strategy is something you can use anywhere.”

Tips to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

“When it comes to your ab workouts, be sure to not focus on counting reps but rather making your reps count. I like to say, it’s better to count meaningful contractions and not reps. If you do a rep that you speed through and don’t really feel it in the muscles you’re trying to work, then don’t count it. When you trade in quality for quantity, your chances of getting a carved out six pack are dramatically increased.”

“When it comes to specific techniques that you can apply to your ab exercises for a 6 pack be sure to do the following. On all lower ab exercises, focus on lifting the pelvis not the legs. Also, when able, be sure to squeeze your knees together to activate the adductors which provides stability to the pelvis from below and gives you a better engagement of the lower abs.”

“For the upper abs, pretend there is a line just at the bottom of your ribcage. From here, try and fold your body upon that line. Focusing on lifting the shoulder blades off the ground rather than pulling on your neck will make this easier to make sure you get right.”

“In the kitchen, there are a few things you can add to your daily diet that alone won’t make much of an impact but together can have a significant one. Here I like to recommend including green tea (either as a supplement or something you drink), cinnamon (I like to include the Ceylon version in my oatmeal every morning) and red pepper flakes (providing capsaicin to assist in fat loss efforts). All of these are naturally included in my meals and done so consistently.”

Tips to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

“Breathing is another thing you want to make sure you get right when doing your ab training. If you don’t, you could wind up with 6 pack abs and have it look distended and bloated. The key is not to push your abdomen out as you exhale on your exercises. Instead, cinch the waist down by engaging the transverse abdominis and exhale at the same time. Will take some practice if you’re not used to it but becomes second nature later.”

“The remainder of the 13 tips to get 6 pack abs are included in the video. Be sure to watch them all and let me know which of them you found most helpful or eye opening. “

Video – Tips to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

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