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Are You Training Hard Enough? (TAKE THIS TEST)

Are you going to your limits?

Use this test to find out if you are training hard enough! Jeff from Athlean X explains.

Are You Training Hard Enough?

“If you want to build muscle and see results then you have to train hard enough.  The problem is, many people do not and simply have no way to know if they are or not in the first place.  In this video, I show you how to tell if you are training hard enough to see results from your workouts.  The answer may not be exactly what you want to hear, but I can promise you that it is the answer that you need to hear if you are going to make gains.”

athlete trains with indoor rower at home Are You Training Hard Enough? (TAKE THIS TEST)

“The first thing you must realize is that getting gains has nothing to do with the type of music you listen to when you are working out, the sounds you make when lifting or even the amount that you sweat.  The only thing that matters is effort.  In fact, it can be summarized even more specifically by the fact that you want to take from your body more than what it is willing to give you at that time.”

Are You Training Hard Enough?

“Many of us never work out hard enough to see the results we are capable of.  Often times, we will have a set number in our head for how many reps we are going to perform in a given set.  When we reach that number we put the weights down, regardless of whether we could actually have performed another rep or two.  If you do this, you are selling yourself short and you will not get the results that you want.”

“Others will lose count during the set but it isn’t because they are revelling in the amount of burn that they feel as the reps accumulate or because of being lost in the intensity.  Instead, it is because of the fact that their mind is elsewhere and not concentrating on what they are doing in the exercise.  They are coasting through yet another workout.”

“Your goal when you train at the gym should always be to do something that you never did before today.  When you do, the goal should be to do that again tomorrow.  Nobody is ever going to be able to tell you whether your effort is what it needs to be.  Only you will know that answer.  That said, while nobody will know what true effort will look like, we all know what it should feel like…and it should never feel easy!”

Are You Training Hard Enough?

“Nothing in life is worth having that isn’t a struggle to get in the first place.  If looking great was easy, we would all walk around looking like Frank Zane but we do not.  The bottom line is, if you want to build muscle and get strong then you better get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

“At the same time, you don’t want to just train like an animal without a purpose.  Training intelligently with a plan is the only way that you will be able to work out at a high intensity day after day and still reach your goals without overtraining or preventing your body from recovering between workouts.  You see, the holy grail of lifting is to not just train hard but to see how smart you can be about training hard.  Purpose combined with intensity is where gains really come.”

Video – Are You Training Hard Enough?

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