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2 Must-Do Exercises for Bigger Legs – Hit Your Quads and Hamstrings

Check out these exercises for bigger legs that you should be doing.

Unfortunately, there is a trend in the gym among athletes to skip leg days. There might be reasons for that such as lack of time or simply not being interested in increasing your lower body power. Both of these excuses should be thrown out of the window with the following 2 must-do exercises for bigger legs.

The exercises you are about to see were programmed by coach Alain Gonzalez, an author, personal trainer and YouTuber with over half a million subscribers.

2 Must-Do Exercises for Bigger Legs

As with any muscle group, if you want to train it specifically you need to know the function of that particular muscle.

To increase the size of your legs you want to focus on your quads, the bigger front part of your upper leg, and the hamstrings, the muscle on the back of your upper leg.

The quads’ main function is knee extension while the hamstrings can be trained by focusing on an exercise that has a lot of hip function.

With that in mind, the 2 must-do exercises for bigger legs are:

  • Leg press with lower foot position and squat shoes
  • Romanian deadlift with a short pause at the bottom
leg press Must-Do Exercises for Bigger LegsSource: Scott Webb / Pexels

According to Gonzalez, the best way to train your quads is by doing the leg press with a low foot position with a slightly narrow stance, toes pointed out slightly, and a big range of motion.

Perform 4 to 5 sets of the leg press with challenging weights to blow up your quads.

Leg Press vs Squats for Lower Body Gains

When doing the Romanian deadlift, make sure you don’t lock out your knees and don’t go too low, otherwise, you will be shifting the target muscle away from the hamstrings. Pause two seconds at the bottom of the movement before lifting back up.

A 2021 study compared the Romanian deadlift with three other exercises and found it the best to target hamstrings.

VIDEO – Must-Do Exercises for Bigger Legs

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