3 Exercises to Alleviate Shoulder Pain – No More Shoulder Impingement

No more shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain is incredibly detrimental as you need to have a healthy shoulder to produce most movements on your upper body. If you have impingement, fear not, as these 3 exercises to alleviate shoulder pain should help you out.

The shoulder is an intricate muscle as it can move horizontally, vertically, and also rotate. Athletes looking to improve their shoulder mobility must have exercises that target the longevity of this muscle group.

If you have pain at this exact moment, check out these 3 exercises to alleviate shoulder pain shared by physical therapist Dr. Andy Chen via the YouTube channel, a website focused on all-things gym related with over 5.5 million subscribers.

3 Exercises to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

1. Kettlebell Arm Bar

According to Chen, this exercise puts your shoulder in a more compromised position, but if you build up to a heavy dumbbell, it is incredibly useful to increase your shoulder longevity.

The goal of this exercise is to stabilise the load in an awkward position (looks like the beginning of a Turkish get-up).

Once you can keep this position for over 45 seconds, you can progress to a heavier weight.

2. Heavy Carries

exercises to alleviate shoulder painSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

This exercise works well your rotator cuff because when you carry something heavy, it is the rotator cuff that prevents your shoulder from coming off your socket.

You can either march in place while holding a kettlebell or a heavy dumbbell on one arm, or you can do farmer carriers where you actually walk around while holding the weight.

Try to keep as upright as possible and maintain the arm not glued to your torso, but slightly away from it.

3. Side Lying Press

“With the side lying press, we get a lot of protraction and external rotation happening at the shoulder blade to help promote the overhead movement,” Dr. Chen explains.

Simply sit on the floor, use one hand to keep your body supported, and press the kettlebell or dumbbell up above your head. If you want to restore mobility overhead, you have to move your shoulder blades.

These are the 3 exercises to alleviate shoulder pain that should get you back on track. To see how to perform each one of them, check out Dr. Chen’s video below.

VIDEO – 3 Exercises to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

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