3 Ways To Force Bicep Muscle Growth

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Targeting your arms today? Check out 3 ways to force bicep muscle growth.

The biceps get all the glory when it comes to working the arms. If you want bigger arms, however, you should target your triceps just as much, since it is the biggest muscle in your arms. But somehow, the biceps crept into society and became the go-to muscle to showcase your level of fitness.

Regardless of why, you clicked here because you want to understand what are the ways to force bicep muscle growth. And for that, we turn to Jordan Yeoh.

Jordan Yeoh is a YouTube fitness influencer with more than 3.6 million subscribers on his channel. He usually shares tips on workouts, exercises and all about getting fitter.

Check out Yeoh’s ways to force bicep muscle growth below.

Why Your Biceps aren't Growing

3 Ways To Force Bicep Muscle Growth

So, what are the 3 ways to force bicep muscle growth?

1. Supination

To stimulate your bicep when working out you need to practice your supination.

When curling, that means keeping your elbows straight beside your body, shoulders low, and chest up. When lifting the bar or dumbbell, you want to twist your wrist outwards, which forces the biceps to move, putting more pressure on them.

2. Tension and Volume

Jordan Yeoh explains that tension is about how heavy you lift and volume is about the number of repetitions. This is basic progressive overload, in which you need to increase how much you lift or the times you lift to stimulate muscle growth.

One of the best ways to force bicep muscle growth is to do drop sets, Yeoh explains.

Apply supination when curling a 15-kilo dumbbell, for example. After hitting a certain number of reps – 8 is a good number – take no rest, choose a dumbbell that is about 40% lighter than the previous one, and go for more repetitions, go for a minimum of 8 reps again, or until failure.

Ways To Force Bicep Muscle Growth

3. Cheat to Grow

This concept is Yeoh’s favourite in his list of ways to force bicep muscle growth and is not recommended for beginners. That is because you will be performing bad form to force muscle hypertrophy.

After reaching failure on any curling exercise, you should swing up the dumbbells (bad form) and lower the weight slowly, making use of the eccentric phase of the movement to increase your bicep stimulation. Try 3-4 seconds for each rep in the eccentric phase.

And that is Yeoh’s ways to force bicep muscle growth. If you still have questions on how to achieve that, simply click on the video below.

VIDEO – 3 Ways To Force Bicep Muscle Growth

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