6 Unforgettable First Time Experiences in CrossFit


As CrossFit experiences go, everyone who has gone through the process of learning Double Unders can tell stories about the whip marks and lacerations that their legs and back received in the process! But when they do finally click, it is a great feeling to power your way through unbroken sets during a WOD.


‘Double Unders: Think timing not speed.’

Most people tend to try and move the rope much faster in order to improve their Double Unders. It seems logical that if the speed of the rope is increased, then there will be more time for it to complete two uninterrupted loops around your body. But generating more speed creates tension in the hands, arms and shoulders, and makes it harder to develop your timing.

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The thrill of competition

So in reality, this idea is counterintuitive. Instead, slow down the pace of the rope, as this will help you to place more emphasis on timing and jump slightly higher. Once you get this sorted, then you can increase the speed once again from a much more controlled base.

Perfect your Double Unders: Speed vs Timing

Speeding up the pace of the rope can also cause your heart rate to spike and tire you out much faster. Whatever standard you are currently at, beginner or master, try these tips to improve your Double Under technique:

  • Slow down the pace of the rope
  • Jump higher
  • Listen to the rope. This can really help to time your jumps and create an effective rhythm between the movement of the rope and the tempo of your own body.
  • Bring the elbows closer to the body. This will maintain a more effective arc shape for the moving rope to orbit your body.

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