7 Best Back Exercises For Building Muscle

Try these uncommon back exercises to gain muscle.

Increasing the size of the back can be a daunting, difficult, and long path. However, some exercises can help you more than others. Here are 7 of the best back exercises for building muscle according to a bodybuilder.

Ryan Humiston has one of the fastest-growing fitness channels on YouTube and he has dropped a new video title “5 BEST Rear Delt Exercises (failproof!).” In less than 5 minutes he delivers 5 rear delt exercises that you probably never tried, or even heard of, along with his customary set of insults mixed with comedy.

Some of these exercises are probably new to you, so we suggest you pay attention to the entire video Ryan Huminston has uploaded. Although he does not specify rep range, he does say that high reps are ineffective if you are looking to gain size on your back.

So the rule of thumb is: go heavy enough that you can perform a somewhere between 8-12 reps without compromising form and technique.

Watch 7 Best Back Exercises for Building Muscle

Best Back Exercises for Building Muscles

Make sure you watch the video above because Ryan Huminston explains different ways to hit your lats depending on the exercise. There are specific ways he chooses to stand, for example, to maximise gains.

1. Plate loaded pull-up machine

This machine is really difficult to come by in most gyms, so Ryan came up with a modification in which you can use a barbell and a bench to mimic the same movement.

2. Dumbbell rows

Make sure you are flaring those elbows out and keeping them high.

3. Cable seated cable row

4. V-bar pull-up

This exercise is extremely difficult due to the grip and strength your back needs to have to be able to pull your body up using only the v-bar. If it is too difficult, you can do negatives, in which you jump up and lower your body as slow as possible, then jump up again.

5. V-bar pull downs

6. Standing hyperextensions

7. Deadlifts

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