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Do you want to grow biceps using only cables? Check out these best 7 cable exercises for bicep muscle growth.

The biceps are quite small compared to other muscles in our body. To grow your arms, overall, you should focus on the triceps as they are the biggest muscle in our arms. However, what is a well shredded triceps if the biceps don’t follow along? So you want to train your biceps? Check out the tips from legend bodybuilder John Meadows.

John Meadows“The Mountain Dog”, was a professional bodybuilder, trainer and nutritionist who died in 2021. He is famous for sharing gym tips, and workouts and showing how he trained to achieve his goals.

Meadows shared a video in which he goes through the 7 best cable exercises for bicep muscle growth.

Best 7 Cable Exercises for Bicep Muscle Growth

Best 7 Cable Exercises for Bicep Muscle Growth

Cable Curls

You can use a straight bar for this exercise, but Meadows utilises a little curved one because it feels a bit easier on the wrists. Don’t forget to pin the elbows to your side to flex your biceps as you go through the motion.

Rope Curl

This exercise will hit your brachioradialis and brachialis very hard, the muscle that gives a thicker look to your arm, right beneath the biceps.

Pin your elbows and maintain a neutral grip known as the hammer curl.

Crucifix Curls

This looks like a bicep standing bicep curl when you pull the cables on both sides of your body towards your head. “I like to supinate my wrist a little, like to turn and squeeze,” Meadows explains.

Single-Arm Cable Curl

This movement really stretches your bicep while you are training, which is great for bicep hypertrophy and that is why, among other reasons, it is in this list of 7 best cable exercises for bicep muscle growth.

Reverse Curl

Utilising the same bar or curved bar from the first exercise, you will hold the bar in a supinated position, with palms facing down, and curl the bar up. This uses a lot of forearm muscle, but it still incorporates the brachioradialis to develop your biceps.

Behind-The-Head Cable Curl on a Lat Pulldown

This is a simple curl behind your head utilising the lat pulldown machine. Some people don’t have a lot of wrist flexibility and might find this movement a bit difficult to perform.

Preacher Curl

Using a bench, you can do a preacher curl with one arm utilising the cable machine.

And those were the best 7 cable exercises for bicep muscle growth according to John Meadows. If you have access to a cable machine, think about incorporating one or more of these exercises into your arm day.

If you want to see how to perform any of these movements, check out the full video and Meadows’ explanation below.

VIDEO – Best 7 Cable Exercises for Bicep Muscle Growth

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